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Submission + - Is Windows Phone 8 Already in Trouble? (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "In the days following Nokia unveiling the Lumia 920 and 820 at a high-profile event in New York City, various publications have begun questioning whether Windows Phone 8’s rollout will be smooth as silk or rougher than a rocky patch of country road. The Verge, following up on its report that Nokia had faked some of the footage promoting the new Lumia devices’ cameras, tried to give Microsoft a minor aneurism with a Sept. 11 story questioning whether Windows Phone 8 would launch on schedule; it alluded to “delays and bugs” in testing.

Ars Technica, meanwhile, threw its own darts with a Sept. 6 story highlighting the total lack of information about Windows Phone 8’s release date.

Compare that to Amazon’s rollout of the Kindle Fire HD, which has a definite release date and pricing, or Apple’s iPhone 5, which—at least if history is any indication—will also make its debut with a price-tag and shelf date in place. As these IT giants head into the crucial holiday shopping season, Microsoft’s information vacuum could end up confusing consumers to the point where they turn to rival vendors for satisfaction."


Submission + - Windows Store opens to developers worldwide (

An anonymous reader writes: A year ago this week at //build/, Microsoft unveiled the largest developer opportunity ever coming with Windows 8 and Windows Store. You may also recall that at Windows 8 RTM last month, Microsoft opened the Windows Store for any qualifying business. Starting today, the Store is officially open for all individual developers in 120 markets around the world to register and submit their apps. This marks the last significant milestone for the Windows Store before Windows 8 becomes generally available on October 26, and signifies the moment where all individual developers across the world can access the Store in preparation for the biggest developer opportunity ever.

Submission + - Steve Mann Is Fighting for Your Cyborg Rights ( 1

pigrabbitbear writes: "Last month, Dr. Steve Mann, a professor at the University of Toronto who has been living as a cyborg for his entire adult life, was attacked by employees at a Parisian McDonald’s.

He’d gone into the restaurant to use the bathroom — McDonald’s in France tend to have single-occupancy, “cyborg friendly,” bathrooms — and grab some food with his family. The management, however, objected to his head-mounted camera glasses, a system called “EyeTap” that captures images at 120 frames per second in 1080 × 1920-pixel resolution. Even after they had been shown a doctor’s note explaining the device and the impossibility of removing it without special surgical tools, the McDonald’s employees allegedly roughhoused Dr. Mann, ripped up his note, and kicked him out of the restaurant onto the street. After Dr. Mann made his story public online, McDonald’s corporate responded with an assurance that nothing of the sort had happened.

Then he released the images. Taken with the very glasses his aggressors objected to, the pictures show the perpetrators in flagranti, surrounding the cyborg at eye-level and swiping at his head."


Submission + - NASA:Dry ice snow lands on Mars – no word on school closings (

coondoggie writes: "NASA said today new data show carbon dioxide-based snow, or what's more commonly known as dry ice, falls on the Red Planet's south pole -the only known such weather in our solar system.
Frozen carbon dioxide requires temperatures of about minus 193 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 125 Celsius) and the new analysis is based on data from observations in the south polar region during southern Mars winter in 2006-2007, identifying a tall carbon dioxide cloud about 300 miles (500 kilometers) in diameter persisting over the pole and smaller, shorter-lived, lower-altitude carbon dioxide ice clouds at latitudes from 70 to 80 degrees south."


Submission + - Amateur Astronomers Spot Jovian Blast

RocketAcademy writes: reports an explosion on Jupiter, which was detected by two amateur astronomers.

According to, the event occurred at 11:35 Universal Time on September 10. Dan Peterson of Racine, Wisconsin, observing through a 12-inch Meade telescope, observed a white flash lasting for 1.5-2 seconds. George Hall of Dallas, Texas was capturing a video of Jupiter at the time, which also captured the event.

It's believed that the explosion was due to a comet or small asteroid collision. Similar events were observed in the past, in June and August 2010.

Comment Re:Poor support from Carriers and Manufacturers (Score 1) 257

I wish I could mod you up more, because you sir definitely get it. I really feel like this Android update issue is being spun into something bigger than it really is. Yea it is a bit annoying that some manufacturers aren't even bothering to update a good portion of their phones. And dragging their feet updating the flagship ones. But I'm seeing more and more Android users that don't care if their phone could be updated, or even know about an update, because they're happy with the way it works. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

And while they're content not knowing or caring, I'm quite content rooting and flashing

Comment What's with all the complaining? (Score 0) 404

I've been using the various release previews on a vm on my laptop, and just recently installed in on my desktop. And yet I still can't get why everyone is complaining. They took the start menu and changed it to fill the whole screen. OK. I understand that, no problem. Yet I collectively see from all across the internet: "OH DEAR LORD WHAT IS THIS UNHOLY ABOMINATION THAT STEALS MY SCREEN REAL ESTATE EVERY TIME I PRESS THE WINDOWS KEY? WHERE'S MY MENU???" Or worse yet: "It has a touch friendly interface? THIS INSTANTLY MEANS ITS USELESS WITH A MOUSE AND KEYBOARD." So hey, those are reasonable reactions. I applaud Microsoft for going out on a limb and merging the tablet and desktop OS. And I think think they've hit the mark to be honest. It's faster and prettier than 7, and I feel it's more user friendly. I really get the impression that those who are complaining the most either A) haven't spent time with it and are going off the complaints of others, or B) tried it out, looking for something to complain about.

I think I've trudged through enough insufferable comments blowing hot air, so if you've found mine insufferable in any way, welcome to the club.

I'm just sick of the herpring and the derping surrounding this software.

Comment Re:Kansas? (Score 1) 197

Just drive between KC and Wichita, acres upon acres of rolling hills. I-35 goes right through the Flint Hills, they're damn beautiful. It rarely stays flat across the state. I love living here, the open prairie really is gorgeous. Great fishing too :-D

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