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Comment Apple is by far... (Score 1) 269

... the most disposable. Everything they do can be replaced easily. Then comes Microsoft. Facebook is a somewhat special case, in that they are irreplaceable at what they do, but what they do can be eliminated (and I often wonder if we'd be better off without them) Amazon is like Facebook, except that what they do (or what we do via them - shop for stuff we need) isn't irreplaceable, Google is on top of the pile, as they are how we find everything else. Tomorrow, I might sort them differently.

Comment You should never listen to a 'should' argument... (Score 1) 68

...but... Colleges should not be allowed to give scholarships for anything other than academics or financial need and still keep their tax-exempt status. The reason for hiring the best athletes (the reason for sports scholarships) is to make money. Since it's a for-profit enterprise, it should be taxed.

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