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Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 5, Interesting) 398

Somewhat sadly, after a HD failure, we loaded up Ubuntu on the wife's laptop. While it did everything she needed, she really just didn't like it, and things like Skype just didn't play nice. (Which was sad, as I was working out of town for about a month and wanted to see her and the kid).

That said, once it gave up the ghost, we picked her up a replacement laptop with Win8. She wouldn't let me tweak it, but somehow she can handle the default Win8 with Metro better than Linux with KDE, Gnome, or XFCE. *shrug*

Comment Win8 as a UI vs. an OS (Score 4, Interesting) 398

Before everyone starts bashing on Win8 (even though it does, to some extent, deserve it), I feel obligated to state:

The OS:
1. Performs better than Win7 (for me)
2. Has been perhaps the most stable iteration of windows (for me).

The UI:

Is horrible in terms of the default layout. Adding back in a 'normal' start menu (via Classic Shell, etc) and turning off the charm bars are key to making it a usable GUI, IMO.

With the above 'tweaks' the biggest thing I miss comparing 7 to 8 is the loss of being able to search files directly from the search bar. Perhaps that' some option/tweak I missed somewhere along the lines.

Will I try 8.1? If I can do it for free, yes. Will I give them money for it? NO!

Comment Re:Anonymous & Unpopular (Score 1) 95

Amen to that one. There's a big difference in protecting assets vs this (virtual) panopticon.

My day job mostly involves installing and maintaining security and surveillance equipment. Usually for government agencies. But what my job entails isn't much different than protecting your home or business with ADT, etc. Just on a large scale and a bigger budget...(and outdated regulations).

Ie. It's a government facility. There is CCTV in use. There are security systems in use. Entering the installations is giving consent to being monitored, searched, etc. Using their phone system is giving consent to having your calls recorded.

The same as if your employer has CCTV and the ability to search your possessions on their premises. For the government installations, this is all pretty much a given (and aptly advertised). This, to me seems fine. Much the same way I'm fine with stores having CCTV in and around their buildings.

The problem areas are with agencies like the NSA that have basically been granted to ability to look at and listen to whatever they want, whenever they want.

Comment Re:Perfect is the enemy of good. (Score 1) 1103

Bear with me, cuz I'm not familiar with BACS or CHAPS (or anything other than the US banking system). Having just 'skimmed' the articles, I can make a completely inaccurate attempt at breaking down my paycheck, banking.

1. I get paid via Direct Deposit on the 15th and last business day of each month. I think this is a bit like BACS, in that my employer does ???? a few days before my payday, and on the 15th (or often, the business day before) money magically arrives in my bank account (technically, a credit union)

2. My accounts: I have a Checking acct and a Savings acct. Direct Deposited pay goes to the checking account. I rarely write cheques/checks anymore, but the Mastercard debit card is linked to this account. Payments with the card are more "CHAPS-like" Some of my physical checks will cash on an Automatic Clearing House rather than waiting in limbo. Checks to my kid's daycare however tend to take about 7+ days to clear. I could pay them with the credit/debit card and have it withdrawn immediately, but they [the daycare] charge an extra $5 per transaction to do so to offset their 'per transaction fee' they have to pay for processing.

The Savings Acct. defaults to being protection if I overdraft from my checking. Other than that, it offers a pathetic interest rate as an incentive to save $$$ and bank with them.

In the US, some small companies and/or low wage jobs have physical checks given to the employee that they must cash. Problem is, most banks/credit unions won't cash checks unless you're already a member of their bank. Hence the pawn shops, payday loan, and check cashing locations save the day by offering check cashing services for x% of your hard earned paycheck.

I've also seen (Walmart?) offer "Free" check cashing, so long as you spent some percentage of said check at their store the same day.

Comment Re:Obama knows how to play politics if anything. (Score 1) 834

No, don't base it on getting lucky, but it helps =P (don't get me wrong, I've had to (and still have to) work my ass off in my industry)

I wholeheartedly agree that having an understanding of sciences will help anyone anywhere, but I'm also adamant in my belief that the current system is flawed and too much emphasis is placed on having a degree and not enough is placed upon real experience. I am in strong favor of certifications though.

There's issues with "what" is taught in schools. I've a friend whose been taking classes in electrical engineering -- and her instructors still haven't covered what ground is and why it's relevant in an electrical circuit. She asked "why are we not covering this?", as most of her classmates weren't familiar with it. Apparently it's not part of the curriculum, and "not that important".

Meanwhile, my wife was taking several courses, one of which was "Math" (I can't recall what exactly, fairly basic stuff). It covered some basic algebra, conversion to binary...but also Egyptian and Babylonian symbols. Um...what?!? I mean, kinda neat, IMO, but relevant to getting an "Administrative Professional Certificate"? I can't see how. Perhaps if there had been some rhyme or reasoning behind that aspect of the course, but no, it was presented simply as a "know how to convert Western Arabic/European numerals to ________ symbols". Meanwhile, hexadecimal is somehow less useful than Babylonian symbols (though I don't foresee her using Binary nor Hex in her day job either).

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