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Comment Re:These results don't make much sense (Score 1) 96

If you're that severely bottle-necked by a 4+ GHz quad core then this is not a typical DX11 game.

We already know this isn't a typical DX11 game. They're using way more draw calls than a typical DX11 game simply because DX12 allows them to make more. That's even stated in the article.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 2) 732

Not unless they're faster than you. Which they're not.

There are plenty of older fighter jets that are noticeably faster than the F-35.

Especially when the rules of engagement require visual confirmation before weapons release.

and the F-35's stealth capabilities pretty much ensure it's going to get the first shot at BVR.

You completely ignored the fact that rules of engagement don't currently permit firing BVR.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 4, Insightful) 732

As long as the enemy has superior dogfighters that are outclassed in other modes of combat, the dogfighting capabilities of your planes will be forced into relevancy. Especially when the rules of engagement require visual confirmation before weapons release. We've already had one commercial airliner "accidentally" shot down during a military conflict last year (MH17), so it's unlikely those requirements will be relaxed any time soon.

Comment Re:Windows only says "Sleep" (Score 2) 378

Sleep and Suspend are two different names for the same thing. Windows supports Hibernate, but it's often disabled by users to save hard drive space. Suspend/Sleep saves the current state of the system in RAM and powers off pretty much everything else (including the CPU) for quick resume. Hibernate copies the contents of RAM to the hard drive, and powers everything off. Resuming is slower, but it will survive a complete power outage.

Comment Re:JAVA FTW (Score 1) 457

There are lots of good alternatives to preprocessors that achieve the same goals without many of the drawbacks. The first one I think of is lambda expressions.

Ironically lambda expressions are essentially little more than just syntactic sugar (ie, preprocessor) implementations of functor objects in C++.

Comment Innovate, not litigate (Score 4, Interesting) 457

irreversibly destroyed Java's fundamental value proposition as a potential mobile device operating system

Well there's the problem. Oracle thinks the language and runtime are a complete operating system. There's nothing stopping Oracle making a different OS that uses Java. In fact, the vast amount of libraries for Android out there should be easy to port. Next we'll hear how Microsoft destroyed the value of C as used to build an OS.

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