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Comment Re:If you're reading this (Score 1) 243

I hope you or any family members never get into a car because that's way more dangerous than any terrorists. In the entire history of the US, terrorists have killed fewer people than the number that die in car accidents in the US in one year. So, let's just give up freedoms for a tiny incremental improvement of the odds not to die a "natural" death. Of course that's also highly questionable in this case anyway because, if all the money that was spent on snooping on you, me and millions of others would be spent on medical care for poor people you could save way more lives than by preventing a few hundred people or possibly even a few thousand being killed by terrorists every year. But, I guess, it's fuck them and our privacy as long as there is a tiny improvement in the odds of a family member of yours not dying. So either, you don't understand very simple statistics and what liberty is worth, or, you're just another selfish bastard.
Oh and I consider the people that feel entitled to snoop on hundreds of millions of innocent people in order to "protect" them as just as bad as terrorists! Fuck them, and I hope they die a slow and painful death!!

Comment Re: FTFY (Score 5, Interesting) 78

because this is their business model, selling as much information about you as possible.

Utterly wrong. This is not their business model. Their model is it to, via algorithms, identify people who are most likely to respond positively to a given ad and then to show them the ad. Nowhere does this involve selling any information about even a single individual to a third party. You are simply ill informed. Also, whatever Apple does or does not claim is entirely irrelevant. After all they're a competitor. Finally, to my knowledge, there is not a single documented case of Google ever selling personal data about anybody they're tracking.

Comment Re:Do you think that some distant.... (Score 3, Interesting) 69

maybe... just 1% from being the great apes

If you meant that humans are 1% different from other Great Apes you would be wrong. Humans are classified as Great Apes. If not you'd have some other Great Apes (bonobos and chimps) actually being closer to us than to the rest of the Great Apes. It was only ignorance or possibly human arrogance that in the past led to humans not being included with the other Great Apes.

Comment Re:The Selfish Gene (Score 2) 249

It's not pedantry! Also, if someone has no offspring but somehow contributes to the survival of others, that individual promotes the survival of the vast majority of his or her genes. The effect is even greater if the support is for offspring of close relatives. Finally, I think most people like to delude themselves with fantasies of how unique they are!

Comment Re:But thats OK! (Score 1) 276

Your friends don't seem to be a representative group :)

I sure hope not! The majority of mankind seems to be deeply superstitious, too and almost all of my many friends are atheists or agnostics. I also like to think that most or all of my friends have no strong national attachments a.k.a. "patriotism". So, yes, I like to believe that they are highly unrepresentative of humanity in ways that are important to me. OTOH, they are more representative in that I have American, European, Asian and African friends.

Oh, just to clarify: I see nothing wrong with watching sports for entertainment. It's just not my cup of tea and I haven't been able to relate to doing that since I was around 14.

Comment Re:But thats OK! (Score 1) 276

People like sports...

Yes, people are weird! Still don't see why that means that students and universities need to subsidize some people's hobbies! Amongst my friends about half like to watch sports for entertainment and the other half feel the way I do and would rather stare at a blank wall than watch sports. Personally I prefer reading a good book, watching animé or studying Japanese. And yes, I am a happy nerd!

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