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Submission + - Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Reuters reports that tens of thousands of people around the world took to the streets Saturday to reiterate their anger at the global financial system, corporate greed and government cutbacks with rallies held in more than 900 cities in Europe, Africa and Asia. “United in one voice, we will let politicians, and the financial elites they serve, know it is up to us, the people, to decide our future,” said organizers of the global demonstration on their Web site demanding a “true democracy.” The demonstrations by the disaffected coincided with the Group of 20 meeting in Paris, where finance ministers and central bankers from major economies were holding talks on the debt and deficit crises afflicting many Western countries. Crowds around the world were largely peaceful but the demonstration in Rome turned violent as clashes in the Italian capital left dozens injured, including several police officers. In London Wikileaks leader Julian Assange made a dramatic appearance, bursting through the police lines just after 2.30pm, accompanied by scores of supporters where he climbed the cathedral steps near St Paul's to condemn "greed" and "corruption" and attacked the City of London, accusing its financiers of money laundering and tax avoidance"

Submission + - To Develop an Effective Message with Twitter (

CSOdessa writes: Taking a Long-term Approach to Your Twitter Message
  A look across the Twitter landscape shows that the most effective Tweeters are the ones who have a consistent or thematic progression to their long-term message. Whether by design or coincidence, these Tweeters keep followers engaged and waiting for the next chapter in their “story” with their high-impact posts. Tweeters can now take full control of their long-term message by utilizing the tools in ConceptDraw MINDMAP for brainstorming, planning, and organizing.

Comment Re:Cold dead hands (Score 1) 234

Me and my classmates used to play catch with a 3310. The thing often fell on a hard concrete floor from about 7 ft off the ground as a result. Surprisingly, it would still turn on, and even more surprisingly, still work, every time we put the casing back together.

It had a few scratches here and there, but for all 6 years I had it (2nd hand by the way) the phone worked like a dream. The only reason I don't have it right now, is because someone nicked it from my pocket along with my wallet some concert.

It still doesn't mean that the latest generation Nokia phones are as hardy as the black-and-white stuff though, maybe the recent ones already have some planned obsolescence built-in...

Comment Receiving spam from (Score 1) 143

I just received SPAM mail from my sourceforge account

Look at this girl who wants to get married and what people write about her on the forum

The hackers at least got hold of the users' details. There must be better places to get that info. Wonder what else they've gone through

Comment Re:Social media: overrated (Score 2) 90

Shirky would get confused I guess, since Philippine media at that time, kept reporting that the Philippines was the "text capital of the world" during those years and kept attributing Estrada's downfall to our text-happy countrymen.

Apart from the noise and the wasted electrons, did it result in her fall from power?

Fall from power isn't the only goal. People benefit from the transparency of government brought by additional info. Election is influenced by the amount of data the people get. What uncensored Internet brought the Philippines is that additional information—the things often omitted by news reports once Malacañang gets wind of it.

All that noise and attention brought by Social Media pushed favor away from people even slightly related to Gloria Arroyo. From the onset, her party's candidate Gibo Teodoro was really low in the ranks until he slowly distanced himself from her. Manny Villar's multi-million Peso campaign was derailed after Twitter reports came in that he received money from Gloria's side.

Aquino won this previous election more or less because of the noisy Filipinos on social networks. Well, I mean other than the death of his mother.

Comment Re:I can see the historians now (Score 1) 470

Speaking as a Filipino, I know most of the country's been brainwashed thoroughly by American propaganda. The entire "We're the heroes" illusion is well received here. Until relatively recently, most people still think the Americans really demolished the Spanish in the local Spanish-American war, instead of an act to hide the Treaty of Paris.

Japan's goal in WWII was basically a unification of Asia so it could be independent of Western "superiority". Also anecdotal evidence (mostly from my grandparents) says that the Japanese themselves weren't the ones raping and killing the captured population, just the Koreans who worked for them.

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