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Submission + - NYC Drops $722M on CityTime Attendance System 1

theodp writes: New York City is reportedly paying 230 consultants an average annual salary of $400K for a computer project that is seven years behind schedule and vastly over budget. The payments continue despite Mayor Bloomberg's admission the computerized timekeeping and payroll system — dubbed CityTime — is 'a disaster.' Eleven CityTime consultants rake in more than $600K annually, with three of them making as much as $676,000. The 40 highest-paid people on the project bill taxpayers at least $500K a year. Some of the consultants have been working at these rates for as long as a decade.

Submission + - Google Hackers Had Ability to Alter Source Code (

ub3r n3u7r4l1st writes: Hackers who breached Google and other companies in January targeted source-code management systems, security firm McAfee asserted Wednesday. They manipulated a little-known trove of security flaws that would allow easy unauthorized access to the intellectual property the system is meant to protect.

The software-management systems, widely used at businesses unaware that the holes exist, were exploited by the Aurora hackers in a way that would have enabled them to siphon source code, as well as modify it to make customers of the software vulnerable to attack. It’s akin to making yourself a set of keys in advance for locks that are going to be sold far and wide.

Comment Fantastic news! (Score 1) 819

Pirates -- when you get sick of grandma being accused of stealing windows, and she won't eat tuna for 2 months to find the money for $300 for windows 7, maybe you'll spend 30 minutes showing Grandma how to use firefox on Ubuntu instead.
Purchasers -- when you get sick of windows accusing you of stealing your copy when you upgrade too many pieces, keep in mind that your copy of Ubuntu won't complain.

Comment Please clarify... (Score 1) 553

I'm missing how not finding large gravity waves means that they don't exist. I get the Copernican principal of mediocrity (we live in a rather typical corner of the universe), but it still seems the conclusion violates basic scientific method: just cause I don't see it, doesnt mean it doesn't exist. I would understand if the experiment were detecting something thats predicted in great quantities (neutrinos,) but IIRC gravity waves (as opposed to gravitational fields) are supposed to be quite rare -- caused by only a few rather large events. Now maybe I'll go RTFA and see if its jsut a usual /. sensationalized summary.

Comment Nice Job Self Promoting. (Score 1) 782

I'm not hating the player. But Yes this was a nice slashvertisement.Nice job promoting a game, and offering promotional pricing.
And yes sell the game. Its called the GPL, not the BPL (Broke-ass public license). Sell it at $2.99 -- you are not bound by anything other than what the GPL requires of you and you are meeting it. The issue is APPLE not you. Apple's tight control of the app store makes it such that a dupe but free app likely won't get approved. App store aside, anyone can package it for a jailbroken iphone.
Go make money young guys! Don't be ashamed of making/improving something and charging for it. If you are grateful and make good money throw the community a bone -- pay for a community forum, donate some cash to the orginal devs or your favorite map designer.

Comment Re:Don't care how they do it.. (Score 1) 176

So true. Gmail and Hotmail are both incredible at their spam filters. I do get a few more false positives at hotmail though -- but thats also where I send all my receipts and mailing lists so its understandable. With Gmail its pretty flawless -- just one spam message a month or so gets through. As with others -- yes Yahoo filters seem to suck in spam. Especially 419 type spam.

Comment Re:Idiots. (Score 1) 259

It's faster than XP. What's not to like about it?

Oh, I don't know, maybe the whole thing about being, you know, Windows? Complete with viruses, DRM, spyware, MS deciding my rights, product activation, having to call MS if I upgrade my mobo and other substantial parts at once, oh and the whole paying money for it thingy.

Comment Sprint: Kill your business. (Score 1) 232

Sprint is writing a book: how to kill your business. You have an underutilized network, and are shedding customers so what do you do -- you don't allow yourself to have a huge competitive advantage.

Here's an idea: allow tethering. Limit it to 50 megs a day. Charge a $1 more is you want to get unlimited tethering that day. Simple. Your casual user isn't going to get a card. Your business user isn't going to tether all the time when corp headquarters can get a laptop wwan built in. Plus aren't you supposed to be pushing XOHM wimax sometime soon?

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