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Comment War is function of fiat money since Nixon (Score 2) 241

All military actions after Vietnam were undertaken in function of oil or Lithium (paid by reserve currency (= Dollar)). eg Lithium mines in Afghanistan were contracted to the nation that buys increasingly bonds of USofA treasury - China (bonds are the assurance that the printed money is "approved" (translation of latin "fiat")).

Comment Re:Gemalto also delivers eID... (Score 1) 192

...and SIS (Belgium) card encryption that allow access to medical information.

First day of using my Jolla, my provider installed a "convenient" app for me, without letting me know, to do moneytransactions with my smartphone (called "proximenu") along with some other interesting wife now understands why I never use it and why I was so angry that apps are installed when I didn't ask for them.

Comment Re:Why don't they know? (Score 1) 87

And once Fluorine has reacted with carbon it is incredible stable.
it has superacid properties and as such is used as catalyst.
Toxicity is well established especially of the small molecule PFOS.
Since it is stable you can already guess the environmental problem?

I once identified Nafion (branched oxygenated form) on a TOF-SIMS and had this crazy phone from my client:
- Whassup with this Mafion ("queer" ion in Dutch) you detected?
- Sir, you certainly mean Nafion?
The guy kept calling it queer ion throughout the meeting we had afterwards on the analysis report.
His bosses didn't care, and I know where the money comes from...

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