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Comment Re:You can have my PC (Score 1) 399

Cool School... now create something on your phone/tablet that can't be done on a Fisher-Price Learning Computer for Toddlers.

1. Beat match a few songs, mix them with a few beats of your own...
2. Crop out 1:33.17 to 5:47.61 from a video, and then overlay some 3D CGI animation on it...
3. Design a poster for a local fair of 50 companies/organizations/businesses using their logos...
4. ...output???
5. Profit!

Most of that stuff prior to desktop computers, was done in a room or two full of tables and numerous hand tools... we have quad-core "superphones" now with decent enough GPUs to make it possible... but even if the iOWinDroidTabliPhone had applications to do it, it would still take far too long to do it compared to a desktop or laptop with your two or three fingered input and 20 pixel precision... always sacrificing either input, or output.

Even if you mix in voice commands, iris tracking, and a pen... it's a clusterfuck of imprecise input, unless you want everything to end up like this:

Not saying they don't have their creative uses, really really wish they could do everything, or I could even foresee them doing so... but, I don't see it happening unless "everything is a remix" you have your standard 1000 shapes, sounds, clips, lengths, resolutions, etc... like Lego, maybe even Technic Lego...but... so limited.

Comment Re:Use this in war. (Score 1) 295

everything else aside... if you're creating a toroidal vortex that can travel 150± you're likely going to hear it before it gets there, you'll probably still hit your target, but anyone more than like 10 feet from the target will be like "oh, they're right there just 150 feet away" - boom dead... as apposed to grenade launchers which can be upwards of 1500 meters away. (MK19, MK47, etc).

There also isn't too much chance of rapid fire since the vortexes will disturb the previously calm air, making them dissipate closer and closer to the cannon itself, or causing them to go off target from pressure differences, and turbulence.

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