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Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 4, Interesting) 215

Nobody with a brain stores important data on someone elses server.

...without a backup.

You can wipe every single VM I have and I can restore everything within an hour because they are all configured using salt. The databases are snapshotted every hour and backed up using tarsnap as well as an rsync down to a NAS at my house.

I know I can do it in an hour because when Digital Ocean was having trouble at one of their data centers a few years back, I spun up new VMs and migrated everything to another data center.

Comment I finally am... (Score 1) 133

I finally am cellphone-only after a decade of my internet provider refusing to provide internet service unless I had a phone line.

I know what you're thinking, DSL requires a phone line, right? Nope. They provide fiber to the home, but they won't provision it unless you also get their VoIP service because (they claim) of some FCC requirement. a cost of $30 for the phone line.

It made their base package:
$60/mo for 5 down/1 up plus $30 for a phone line that isn't connected to anything.
The total cost with taxes and stuff was around $105/mo.

Their high-end package was $250/mo for 1gbit/1gbit, but after running lots of performance tests they were usually only able to provide about 250mbit/500mbit.

Their answer was "well, sometimes during peak usage you might not be able to get the full 1gbit.

Yeah...using a bit of linux scripting, I ran a speed test every 5 minutes for a week. 95th percentile was about 250mbit and their highest was 330mbit.

They finally dropped the VoIP requirement about a month ago. if I could just figure out how to lease a strand of all that fiber that runs past my house to Seattle, I'd throw up a wireless network and start serving my neighbors...

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 191

You've got something hardware-related wrong with that MacBook.

Apple's own diagnostics tools say the hard drive and memory are fine.

Apple's own techs (the company shipped it off to Apple) say it's fine.

I have had exactly ONE Kernel Panic (what you are incorrectly calling a "Seg-fault")

Nope. I'm not incorrect. The kernel has never panic'd on my Macbook. But lots of applications (like 'vim') will suddenly dump me back to the command line with a segfault message.

And before you say that is because all I use are "approved", "safe" applications, then perhaps you should look to the quality of the APPLICATIONS, and stop blaming the PLATFORM. If you search for "vim crash os x", you will find a long and storied history of that simple Editor being an unstable POS. Don't think it's the Mac's fault. It's a fucking EDITOR, FFS!

Weird. Vim workes perfectly for me on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. No crashes. Must just be a Mac thing.

Anyways, the Mac may be perfect for you. It's definitely not for me. Ignoring the constant crashing for a moment, nothing is more intuitive to me than having to remember CTRL+T opens a new tab on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows...but for the elitist Mac platform I have to shift my finger over and hit APPLE+T.

Or how about Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows using the home/end keys go to the beginning and end of a line. But the elitist Mac platform scrolls to the beginning and end of a browser window, document, etc...

Or how about the weird Mac Mail issues where it absolutely refuses to show the status of a SMIME signed or encrypted message?

Or how about turning on an Android phone without a SIM card and being able to instantly begin to use it for developing apps? But the elitist Mac platform absolutely requires you to activate the iPhone with a SIM card, followed by the requirement to set up a valid credit card before installing a *free* application from their store.

How about deploying tablets to fire, EMS, or police vehicles? With Google you simply sign up for Google Apps by entering some basic information, then provisioning the tablets. Done. In about 45 minutes. But the elitist Apple platform requires you to set up an account for volume purchasing. Oh, you already had an iTunes account? Sorry, that won't work. Create a new e-mail address and a new account. Then wait for all sorts of business verification (like your DUNS number) before you get access to an account that appears to have the sole purpose of issuing a signing certificate and allowing you to authorize other accounts (don't use existing ones!) to sign in to the tablets. Then buy a Mac Mini, buy the $20 OSX server software, start to configure it---oops, there's an update to the OS. Upgrade and find all your server shit broken. Oh, and by the way, you have to re-buy the *new* server software for the newly upgraded OS. Then try to fix it. After 9 months of having various Apple 'professionals' stumble around and not be able to deploy it, I spend two weeks during business hours using Apple Support to get it working. After throwing away and re-creating 20 iCloud accounts because Apple couldn't delete them or change them to the right type so it can participate in their VPP program. Screw that mess.

So once again, yeah, I have a *lot* of Apple hate. It's a toy OS for people who don't have to do anything more complicated than check e-mail and browse the web in a *very* playskool "my first computer"-type interface.

...but I will say one nice thing about Apple...they do appear to take user privacy *very* seriously when compared to Microsoft and Google. If they could just fix their retarded interface and brain-damaged ideas about doing thing 'differently' for the sole purpose of appearing different than Microsoft...I would consider buying it.

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 191

Well, I was simply asking when the ZFS folks got booting working, because it used to be a problem IIRC.

It's been working fine on FreeBSD and Linux.

But since you can't hold a rational discourse with spewing Apple Hate, I guess we're done here.

Yeah, I hate apple. I have good reason to. I just listed one--they went with their own shit-tastic filesystem and last time I checked, they aren't open enough to boot from ZFS.

It may surprise you, but my work computer is a piece-of-shit Macbook Pro. I am forced to use it by policy. It's *terrible*. If I don't fit the 'Apple mold' and just use brain-dead point-and-click applications all day, I end up with segfaults, performance problems, and out-of-memory issues. Hell--vim segfaults 2-3 times per hour on my Macbook. I've never seen that on Linux or FreeBSD. I measure my Macbook uptime in hours, my Linux uptime in months, and my FreeBSD uptime in years.

So yeah--I have a *lot* of hate for Apple products. All it took was using a Macbook Pro for ~3 months in my life, and a newly issued iPhone S (for evaluating an iOS app) for the last week. You might not like the hate, but it's absolutely justified hate. And since this is about filesystems and Apple just released a product that screams "we wanted ZFS, but not-invented-here" that doesn't checksum user more reason to hate Apple products.

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 191

News to me. When did they get that working?

That was one of the main reasons that Apple didn't adopt it back in the Leopard days, when they had that experimental ZFS driver running.

Not sure if you missed my original post or what...but I don't use Apple crap *because* of the brain-damaged 'features'. Like APFS. I use ZFS on FreeBSD and occasionally Linux. Booting works fine from both, although FreeBSD has a nice polished installer to do it for you. In Linux it's a very manual process to set it up. As for ZFS on Apple? I have no clue. In two decades I only ever had one client that absolutely couldn't be switched from Apple to FreeBSD or Linux to achieve better results.

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 191

And I have run HFS and HFS+ since 1984 or '85, on several dozen machines. Never failed once.

Now what?

Have you recovered 100% of your data from a 6 our of 10 drives failing within a 48 hours window?

Can you yank the drives out of one machine, put them into a pile, and then randomly plug them into another machine and access your data?

Can you do that while the OS is running?

How about in the middle of writing data?

Without running chkdsk or fsck?

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 2) 191

Oh, zfs! I remember it corrupting all my file systems while I was a university student. Maybe it was the Linux implementation, I don't know, but I'm never touching that fs again. Also my NAS corrupted its file system more recently and guess which fs it was?

I have been running ZFS for ~5 years now across ~40 servers. Never failed once.

I even had one particular server with 8 drives in a RAIDZ2 lose a drive while two others started failing. I replaced them all successfully. Less than 12 hours later two additional drives failed and a third started acting flakey. I replaced them all successfully. No data loss. I'll trust AUFS when I see it handle weird hardware BS like that.

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