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Comment Re:Of Course (Score 0) 200

Take over health care? DarkKnightRadick, you need to direct your comments to the seniors who get the benefit of the gov't's current more-than-50% control of gov't, not slashdotters. What are you? What GOP media machine outlet store are you the secret shopper for?

Comment Re:Who said it was anti-technology? (Score 0) 870

It's not anti-technology. It was pro-technology: the scientists were the good guys, for once. I think this is a watershed of big-budget scientists-are-good. So any movie about war is anti-technology? If you're anti-climate science I can see you feeling that it's against your anti-science world view, because "treehuggers" are seen in a positive light. But that's your "feelings." I like trees. You should too.

Comment I hear ya... (Score 0) 888

Yeah... well... so like I've been sort of... hanging out a lot after work, you know, and like... well I've sort of hooked up with some lush trim and like, my wife finds out and she like, tries to take a golf club to my head and so like I crashed my SUV, sort of. Anyway, I think it's like getting out and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the on-line portion. i can handle the other stuff, I'm just worried about the on-line stuff YouTubes and stuff.

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