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Comment Re:This is the sort of testing the Feds should do. (Score 1) 316

Depending on the drug, that extra 5% is relevant.

For most pills, tailoring the dosage to a 5% level isn't an option. Most pills are made in discreet dosages. A doctor isn't going to say, "Take a 200 mg tablet after scraping off 8% of it." They'll look at the available options of 100 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg and pick the dosage that's closest to what they want.

Comment Re:Ignore? (Score 1) 139

...cases of attacks are so few and far between that it doesn't make sense to even try to figure out how often this happens.

Donald? Is that you?

Isn't DJT the one that claimed 3-5M illegal votes in the election? And ordered an investigation into the results? He's the one claiming the highest rate of voter fraud because he can't accept losing the popular vote. It seems odd to allege massive fraud in an election he won, but his ego is insatiable.

Comment Re:not a flaw (Score 1) 53

In other words: isolate these things on your LAN.

That's fine advice for slashdot users, but will be ignored by the vast majority of customers. When somebody buys an IoT device, they're likely to go through the minimum set of steps that get the functions they want running. "Extra" features, like generating the occasional SYN flood, will be enabled along the way. Neither the manufacturers nor the customers have adequate motivation to secure these things. If there were consequences for an IoT device acting up (e.g. your ISP cuts your line until you have your shit sorted), we'd see a change of behavior on both sides. Right now, the only consequences of your IoT toaster participating in a DDoS attack are effectively invisible.

Comment Re:Why Not? (Score 1) 116

Netflix knows very well what people are interested in watching. They may make imperfect predictions, but they know what gets streamed.

And Hollywood has 100-years of knowing what movies people go to yet there are regularly box office bombs?

That would fall under "imperfect predictions." Netflix knows very well what is a hit. Nobody knows what will be.

Comment Re:Why Not? (Score 1) 116

Its entirely possible for them to be burning cash creating content that subscribers aren't interested in watching (and from my subjective opinion that is the case).

Netflix knows very well what people are interested in watching. They may make imperfect predictions, but they know what gets streamed.

Comment Re:No it won't (Score 1) 180

That's unnecessary. Just don't attach the storage to the camera.

If you mean carrying it on your person, that won't help. If you mean streaming it live (and not later) then that's what I said, and perhaps you could try to see your way to agreeing with me without trying to disagree with me.

Not trying to be disagreeable, just saying that livestreaming is unnecessary. Adding the ability to watch the video while it's being recorded doesn't add to its preservability unless somebody is watching and recording. In which case, why not just recording? When I said storage should be detached from the camera, I was trying to imply that it wouldn't be carried "on person." Moving the storage by 12 inches doesn't accomplish much. Having primary storage in the squad car with only temporary fall-back storage on-person seems to make sense.

If you mean "streaming it live" to a recording device, that's not livestreaming, that's recording. Unless every video taken is being livestreamed in the sense that it was "live" while it was being taped. That definition works for "Jimmy Kimmel Live", but generally fails otherwise.

Comment Re:No it won't (Score 1) 180

Hopefully deleting the recorded video is more complicated than "accidentally" losing the camera.

If the camera goes into the river, or into a hole, or into an electronics recycling shredder, it doesn't matter how complicated deleting the video is. The only thing that might help you is livestreaming.

If I record a video with my webcam, I can toss the camera into a river, then a hole, then in an electronics shredder and not lose a second of video. "Livestreaming," I think implies that somebody is watching. That's unnecessary. Just don't attach the storage to the camera.

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