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Comment Re:In a groundbreaking statement now (Score 1) 239

As opposed to what, exactly? ...Any of the fringe browsers, which are likely to be garbage and full of malware, too?

Does Opera count as fringe? I'm in Chrome right now (at work), but Opera's my main browser at home. It'll run indefinitely on my Win10 box without leaking or crashing while browsing CNN, Facebook, Youtube, Xvideos, Slashdot, Pandora, Netflix, Plex, etc. I'd be very surprised to learn there was malware incorporated.

Comment Re:Fashion or need? (Score 1) 320

I don't approve of The Donald, but I also don't see how someones weight or BMI plays a role in how well they can lead a country.

If he's so unhealthy that he's going to croak in office or that his health might affect his decision making skills, it would be good to know. If he's going to come in last at the World Leaders' 5k Fun Run, I couldn't care less. Setting a good example wouldn't hurt, but that's not part of the job description.

Comment Re:Fashion or need? (Score 0) 320

That will happen right after Pelosi takes the same mental exam...

Pelosi is not the president. She also doesn't seem as divorced from facts as DJT. You might have an issue with her positions, but she doesn't have the habit of distributing misinformation at the rate DJT does. If DJT believes everything he says, a head check is entirely appropriate.

...Hillary takes the same physical (with the same doctor) Trump did. Oh, and results have to be made public just like his were.

Fucking Hillary? You mean the private citizen that neither holds nor is running for any public office? What in the fuck does Hillary have to do with the presidency and why would ANYONE except her care if she's unhealthy? Her physical results are as important to the country as yours are.

There are a lot of physically and mentally unfit members of the House and Senate who need to make their medical records public. Let's see all of those first.

Tremendous idea! We'll start with the dog catchers, work our way up to mayors and, once we've cleared every other public servant, we'll check the president last. Why on Earth would we prioritize him?

Comment Re:Fashion or need? (Score 0) 320

Except he is not 6'3".

That's what I was trying to imply. When your numbers put you 1 lb or 0.2" away from obesity, they look fishy. Especially with him getting taller. I predict pretty confidently that he'll ignore the offer to donate to his favorite charity if we can verify his claim. I don't want to cause a panic, but I suspect that DJT lied to the American people.

Comment Re:They're seeing what happens (Score 1) 66

I believe these false alerts are deliberate...

...I think that's a credible idea.

Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Do you think Japan & Hawaii coordinated these experiments or that they came up with the same idea independently? Seems far-fetched to me.

Comment Re:All part of NK's plan.... (Score 1) 66

A 10 kiloton warhead in the centre of any city would cause at least 45,000 immediate deaths and about 250,000 injuries.

Huh? You're making an identical estimate for NYC & Muleshoe, TX? The average population for a US city isn't anywhaere near 250,000. Maybe you're going off a list of likely targets? Where in the world are these numbers coming from?

How much good is it going to do to "take warnings seriously"?

Depends. Your odds are better in a bomb shelter than operating a hot dog cart when a bomb hits, but whether it actually does you any good depends on a lot of things. If you're in Seoul and NK starts firing conventional artillery at you, taking the warning seriously could save your life.

Comment Re:Always recording? (Score 1) 127

Is it recording at all times and spewing compressed audio back to the mothership?

Of course it is. Why would anyone believe anything else?

Lack of evidence beyond paranoid speculation? I'm all for jumping on the Google-hate wagon, but I really doubt they're doing this. It's of questionable benefit and the consequences of getting caught would be pretty major.

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

Just looked back at the thread. I like the other guy's analogy about drunk driving better than mine about roulette/skydiving. When you make the decision to drive drunk, you may be committing for life to the person you maim on the way home. When you engage in risky sex, you may be committing to parenthood. If you're a man, the only decisions you get to make about parenthood happen prior to penetration.

In case you reply to this instead of my longer comment, I'll conclude again with: WTF is "forced parenthood"?

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

Are you seriously making the argument that a decision to have sex means that society can blithely tell a person "Sorry - you should have thought of that before having sex"?

Yes. Well put. If you knock a woman up and don't agree with her decision to keep the baby, "you should have thought of that before having sex." If you don't wrap it up and get an STD, "you should have thought of that before having sex." If she now thinks she's your girlfriend and won't leave you alone, "you should have thought of that before having sex."

Once again, gender is immaterial - if you're willing to say that people who have sex should stand by their decision to risk pregnancy then you're going to annoy a large number of people.

Again, yes. I'm willing to say that people who have sex should stand by their decision to risk pregnancy. People who sky dive make the decision to risk going splat.

The only way your argument can work is if you bring gender into it...

We're talking about pregnancy. How can you not bring gender into it? Men have very low pregnancy rates. When a man and a woman have a baby, the woman bears most of the wear and tear up to and including birth. You can scream that gender is a social construct all you want, but the gear you're born with makes all the difference about whether or not you're eligible for pregnancy.

gender is immaterial

I don't know how you can seriously suggest that.

...try making whatever argument you think you're making without referring to the gender of the parent-to-be.

That would be nonsensical. Only an idiot would ignore gender when discussing abortions. The rate of men getting abortions is pretty minimal. The decision on whether to abort a pregnancy ultimately lies with the pregnant person. That's the woman. Are you suggesting that these situations are gender neutral? They're not.

The minute you toss out gender considerations the arguments for/against forced parenthood fall apart.

You keep saying "forced parenthood". WTF is "forced parenthood"? A case of rape, yeah. What else? Divine conception?

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

gender is a social construct after all and the argument for one way or the other doesn't have a logical ending

If you want to make it legal for men to have abortions, I won't stand in your way. They should also have the option to exercise birth control. I got snipped after kid #2.

Do you believe that a man should be able to force a woman to have an abortion because he regrets his choice?

Why would I believe such a thing?

That's the only way I could think of to prevent "forcing a man into parenthood" after he's knocked a woman up. If that's not what you were talking about, then WTF IS the alternative to "forcing a man into parenthood" once he's made the decision to get a woman pregnant?

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