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Comment You are measuring it wrong (Score 1) 182

If you have a shop and tens of thousands simply window shop but only a few hundred actually buy something you are a screaming success. The non buyers do not cost you anything. Why is a MOOC a failure if you get thousands that participate and hundreds of thousands that simply audit or don't even go past the first few videos. They are working them out but there is so much content now out there in the interwebs which can help people learn if they want to, it is a screaming success. Don't forget most people, say 95% simply need bread and circuses. The remainder now have access to awesome content whereas they normally wouldn't. It is a WIN WIN WIN scenario.

Comment If we are not willing to pay .... (Score 1) 188

If we are not willing to pay for our news, they will have to get their paycheck elsewhere The same goes for our music and our movies. Investigative journalism is too expensive. They would love to be able to do that, but readers are swayed by other things rather than credible journalism.

Comment Municipality the world over have a problem (Score 1) 190

Municipality the world over have a problem. People don't care. They don't see it as a local government but simply as a government department. This is an attempt to get people involved. So the fundamental question should not be "Online voting vs Ballot box" but "Online Votes Vs Ballot box votes".

Comment Re:frosty piss (Score 1) 664

Chill guys, the Police can do whatever you ask. All you have to do is pay more taxes. If you want them to retrieve your stolen ipod worth $30 at a cost of $1000 per retrieval, just pay an extra 10-20% of your income a year. It is that simple. In fact if you pay more taxes you don't need door locks either. The police can police your house. You don't need insurance for your car either, the government can step in and pay for accidents as a service to the people. This is not unreasonable, as a people we have to decide where the government stops and we take responsibility, what is the most efficient way to achieve a goal.

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