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Comment And so it begins (Score 1) 330

Australia, often lauded by the US gun control movement, is a country where the populace no longer has a say. That's right, they willingly gave up their weapons 20 years ago in the name of "safety", but now they are no longer safe from the tyranny of their own government. How can Australians protect themselves from a rogue leader who is hell-bent on usurping any sort of privacy the common citizen holds on to?

Comment In other words... (Score 5, Insightful) 303

...Visa extends war on the poor.
In my opinion, not accepting legal tender in favor of utilizing non-government tender, in this case a Visa card, should be illegal. I have relatives who don't have a credit card or even a checking account because their credit is crap. It's their fault but shutting them out by not accepting cash is ridiculous.

Comment Made up? (Score 4, Insightful) 302

Whether it's CNN or any other news organization, does it bother others when you read shit like this;
"The conservative news website attributed the information to "a source familiar with President Trump's thinking."
I AM conservative and I call bullshit on printing hearsay like this. Come on media, print what he says, not what others think he his thinking is like.

Comment Medical Costs (Score 1) 64

With the money I (my insurance company) am paying to hospitals and doctors, I can see no reason for the Federal Government to subsidize ANYTHING medical related. However, with the difficulty of certification, red tape and long durations of testing new or upgraded devices, I can understand why hospitals and doctors are resistant to replacing equipment that seems to work perfectly. Once again the Feds create a problem and then go back to taxpayers for more money to fix it.

Comment Re:Corn (Score 4, Insightful) 186

Farmers rent their land to the CRP program. When the lease is up, the farmers can do what they please. With the promise of skyrocketing corn prices, it made it more attractive to farm the land rather than leaving the land in the program at the end of the lease. It's simple economics and farmers are business people. No taxpayer dollars were wasted.

Comment "because of disagreements among its staff" (Score 1) 148

Steve Jobs was a tyrant but he understood that someone had to be the decider and he had no trouble doing it and doing it better. Apple is resting on its laurels but it certainly has a chance to be a great innovator again. It simply needs someone at the top to be involved enough to squelch any disagreements and have a vision of what they will build. Easier said than done.

Comment Re:Going in seems so pointless (Score 3, Insightful) 226

"collaborative flexible e-space open communication monkey house cage"

My boss is planning a new office space. They hired an architect. While they all walked through our current monkey cage, I heard them talking about how an "open office area" really enhances productivity. However, I don't see it. Not at all. It's distracting and annoying. Now, having a private office AND a communal space would be ideal but that would be way too expensive. So we try to copy Google and the like, only to fail because the folks planning the office don't have to work in it.

Comment It's so easy (Score 1, Insightful) 747

This is a classic billionaire, entitled, socialist idea. It's really easy to say "we should" or "you should" when you will never, ever want for anything in your life again. Mark wants to impress what he believes on everyone else because he thinks he's smarter. I have news Mark, you got lucky, that's it. You probably aren't as good of a programmers as I am but you had a flash in the pan idea and it stuck.

I make good money despite my lack of education but I know, with 100% certainty, that any new government program will eat more from my paycheck. Mark doesn't have to worry about that so he starts blathering about some crazy idea that in addition to costing people like me more every week, it will evaluate our currency just like raising the minimum wage does.

Everyone should work, that gives value to all money earned.

Comment Power hungry (Score 2) 118

Will India's electric infrastructure handle the additional load? Do they have enough generating capacity for when everyone plugs in their car at night? Finally, will they simply offset the burning of oil with burning coal at power plants? The article was sorely lacking in any substantial information about the plan.

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