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Comment Overruled (Score 1) 134

Already overruled.

A higher level judge ordered the ban to be lifted, stating (google translate, just being lazy...):
"in light of constitutional principles, it does not seem reasonable that millions of users be affected as a result of the company's inertia in providing information for the justice"
"You can always, respected the conviction of the authority identified as constraining, raise the amount of the fine to a sufficient level to inhibit any resistance"

It's a bad ruling from a single judge that pleases the ones executing the order and, therefore, wasn't questioned.

Comment Re:Back in the old days (Score 1) 393

I really think there should exist a mod like "+1 disagree"...
Not exactly for the OP, but I ran across that multiple times. It's hard to hit insightful or informative because what's written is completely wrong according to my view, but brings important points for the debate. Even trolls could do that eventually...

Now, about the OP, he is mostly right, the bachelor degree is nowadays somewhat equivalent to the high school degree some 20 years back...

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

Except here, where it's really hot and we need air conditioning, peak hours are near sunset, with people getting home and turning on the AC...
Well, 80% of our energy is still hydro, which is pretty fast. I guess solar is a good point anyway here, with hydro providing background and peak...
Also, wind power here has the very disappointing property of having peak production exactly at the peak demand, when sun is going down...
Can anyone explain me why we're building that crap oil and gas plants the cost more than solar and wind here?

Comment Re:Yes, this needs to stop, but... "Help yourself" (Score 1) 130

Except if your bank requires you using an app for the token generation.... Like one I use, I need to open the app on my phone to access their website on my PC. Not to mention that the two banks I use refuse to open the website on a mobile device. Just pop something like "security extensions not found". Their securities extension can hog my i7 with 8GB, so I imagine my phone....

Comment Re:Business problem != technology problem (Score 1) 343

We've been using TortoiseSVN and SVN for some time here with a very good success for non SW development areas.

We've been using it with hardware schematics and layouts, as well as product documentation, with various levels of people using. Just don't forget to set "needs lock" as a default property, since most files are binary.

Also, we have a IT infrastructure team that uses SVN themselves, so we don't need to worry about servers and our products have software and we use it for sw/fw as well. So we (sw/fw developers) act as first-level support.

Submission + - BMW Cars Found Vulnerable In Connected Drive Hack (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: A security vulnerability in BMW's Connected Drive system allowed researchers to imitate BMW servers and send remote unlocking instructions to vehicles. The auto maker has already started sending out software patches to the 2.2 million cars equipped with Connected Drive and said it hadn't come across any cases in which the vulnerability had been used to unlock or attempt to unlock its cars.

Comment Re:I feel safer with NSA than Google (Score 1) 281

Yes, you're not. It was meant to show that NSA may be sharing that data with "private partners". You'll never be sure.

Conspiracy theorists will believe anything, agreed. They also like to post things as facts. But this has been partly proven, and a full prove will probably never appear.
Since I don't like conspiracy theories, I made clear the fact it's not completely proven...

Comment Re:I feel safer with NSA than Google (Score 1) 281

Are you serious? As not "selling" it to promote unfair competition in favor of some white house supporters?
If you search you'll see various companies had secret data searched and stored by NSA, oil&gas has a lot of examples. It's believed that this data has been used b some companies as an advantage on international biddings...

Submission + - Microsoft's age-old image library 'Clip Art' is no more (techienews.co.uk)

hypnosec writes: Microsoft has finally bid a goodbye to the age-old Clip Art image library found in its Office products as its usage has been declining over the years. Redmond replaced the Clip Art’s online image library with Bing Image Search. This means that people searching for online images inside an Office app will now be directed to a gallery powered by Bing Images that will bring in results from around the web. Bing's copyright filter based on the Creative Commons licensing system will let users get royalty-free images which they can use, share, or modify for either personal or commercial use.

Comment Re:Comment from a Chemist (Score 1) 432

Ethanol, as produced in Brazil, doesn't need to (but most probably uses, since biodiesel here is more expensive than regular diesel).
Even using diesel, amounts are small compared to energy production, crops are near the distillery.
The distillery itself has a positive energy balance, not including the ethanol it delivers (co-generation, using heat to produce power). Heat comes from burning the biomass byproducts.
For example, one ethanol producer in Brazil states in it's page an capacity of 940MW to be sold. http://www.raizen.com/pt-br/se...
Some short info on Petrobras production of biodiesel: http://www.petrobras.com.br/en...

Submission + - Net Neutrality legislation approved.

rwiggers writes: Known as the Marco Civil — or Bill of Rights — it would enshrine freedom of expression, the right to privacy and the principle of web neutrality. This could be understood as a response from the president Dilma to the NSA spying on her and is expected to be sanctioned soon.
Some aspects are quite interesting, content can only be removed by judicial order, net neutrality is written in law ans ISPs must take action to ensure privacy of communications.

Comment Re:Side Show and a Game Changer (Score 1) 199

I wouldn't count on it taking any job from a CNC machine. it's a MIG welding machine and it's resolution/accuracy should be well over 1mm. It won't deal with a lot of metal also.
No, it's not the one size fits all.
It's very useful and interesting, allowing complex geometries more easily and I think local shops will have one once the techs (his and other techs for metal 3D printing) are mature.

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