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Comment Absolute crock of shit, this case (Score 3, Insightful) 670

I don't see how they prove intent here. Empty container -- I could store guns, money, drugs, or *any other valuable item* I don't want exposed and out there for someone to heist by smashing the glass in the vehicle. I don't suppose I have a right to secure my property in any way I see fit? Intent is missing here and the prosecutor is going to have to stretch the truth quite a bit to prove his case.

Comment Re:like we needed more ammo (Score 4, Insightful) 206

This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Not only is it a blow to Mint, but to free software in general. I just got done crowing to friends that Linux isn't full of NSA backdoors, and then this pops up on newsfeed. Sheiss.

I suppose our developer doesn't understand that one can go with slightly more intelligent tools, like apt-get on the CLI, to get those packages upgraded? If so, he's no developer I'd give a shit about.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 462

> Running through Detroit during the daytime is
> risky enough... At night? I might as well take a
> bar of soap and a tub of petroleum jelly with
> me!

Also being a Detroit native, I agree with this poast. I'm just a couple blocks north of 8 Mile in Warren and it's not the type of neighborhood I delight in walking around at night.

Comment Headphones absolutely required (Score 1) 262

I type medical transcription for a living. Without headphones I'm pretty much fucked because I'm not only violating HIPAA, but I also can't hear the subtle nuances in some folks' voices, especially when dealing with English as a second language speakers. I just had a laptop go dead on me, leaving me not willing to spend more to repair it, so while I waited for a cheap replacement I worked on an older laptop that didn't have bluetooth, so I couldn't use my headset with it. I dealt without the headset for a bit, but I had to leave more blank spots than usual in some of my work for it.

Comment Sign me up! (Score 4, Interesting) 57

Around Christmastime 2011, I developed paroxysmal non-nodal reentrant supraventricular tachycardia, likely stemming from my maternal grandmother's history of similar cardiac problems, and underwent radiofrequency catheter ablation of the bad conducting circuit in my atrial tissue. I'm left with no fast pacing circuit to increase my heart rate on demand when I'm exercising. I know people with implanted pacer/defibrillators, and I work as medical transcriptionist and have typed a zillion of those procedures, and the things they despise about it is the problems with tissue pocket infections and interval battery replacements, requiring the site to be reopened, the equipment removed and replaced, antibiotic washout, reclosure, etc. I'll be bugging my doc at next visit to research it and determine if I can get one of these.

Comment TL;DR: Bennett Hasselton is a dumbass (Score 1) 871

Really, you should have ended right here:

"...Fifth Amendment lets you refuse to answer the question of whether you even committed the crime at all, and I didn't see what was so great about that, because it is everybody's legitimate business whether or not you committed the crime."

Here's why: You don't have to say shit to anyone about anything who is accusing you of a crime. The onus is completely on them to provide the evidence. They can ask a judge for warrants to search your person or property, but NO ONE can compel you to answer any questions as long as you tell them that you invoke your 5th amendment privileges and refuse to answer *any and all* questions. Once you begin answering questions you open yourself up to having anything you say used against you in a court of law, and NO ONE wants that.


Why Google's Display Ad Business Drew FTC Antitrust Probe 50

First time accepted submitter jahard writes "It's not clear yet whether the preliminary look will result in anything more. The FTC and the Justice Department don't investigate behemoths like Google on a lark, so there's at least a decent chance they'll find reason to look deeper. But according to several online ad sources, the evidence is mixed, and some–even at least one competitor–say Google is playing fair with its so-called 'stack' of ad technologies. Contacted for comment, Google provided only a terse statement: 'We have not heard anything from the FTC regarding any new antitrust investigation.'"

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