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Comment Source (Score 5, Interesting) 255

Does the Australian Govt have anyone that can actually properly security audit this? I am sure they are not going to want to spend the money to hire someone who can. Also, who is to say the binary blob firmware doesn't have a back door. Its not like the Australians are going to compile it and install it themselves.

Comment Security updates (Score 5, Informative) 185

Sometimes I get the feeling that security updates can in most cases cause more problems than the issues themselves.

I can think of many occasions that a security update has broken a server/router/etc. Obviously the lack of a security update can lead to a bigger headache in the future. But the typical user doesn't understand and has the attitude "IT broke the server again".

If a virus or hacker causes an issue the attitude is "I hope they fix that soon. I hate viruses/hackers" (obviously this is a huge generalization).

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