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Comment What the fuck?!! (Score 5, Interesting) 188

This is way off topic, but what the fuck is happening to slashdot. I just now noticed something blaring from my headphones on the floor. Apparently it was some kind of audio ad and for the life of me I didn't know which part of the webpage was playing it.!??!

Then I happen to notice that the 'busy circle' at the top of the chrome tab has been spinning for at least 5minutes. Are you fucking kidding me?

Here are two of them that I noticed. God only knows how many others were busy doing god knows what. (liverail.com and advertising.com) (I wont post actual links)

I can't stand the "slashdot is dying" meme, but I think I am close to moving on to another news aggregate. -Slashdot reader since ~2000AD

Comment Can you still claim copyright on your code? (Score 1) 135

If you are broadcasting your code live to millions (or hundreds) of people, can you still claim copyright? If you performed it in public it would seem anyone could use it.

I would assume you wouldn't use this service to flesh out your world changing video encryption code (you know, that 'middle out' idea you had)...

Comment Just half? (Score 4, Interesting) 70

I think that might be a liberal estimate. That number is 100% for me. I have been conditioned to immediately click the close button for every add that pops up. I don't even bother to notice what product is being advertised. I learned LONG ago that clicking on the flashy ad usually got me in trouble...followed by a format/reinstall.

I would like to know who does click on ads though. Someone has to be doing it on purpose. Curious minds want to know.

Comment Navy? (Score 1) 59

My first thought was why in the world would the navy want these capabilities, but then I remembered reading a story here that discussed the use of windows NT to run a ship. I suppose the navy is looking for the ability to take out opponent ships control computers?

Comment Re:You stupid bastards... (Score 1) 108

I couldn't agree more. Who's brilliant idea was this? I would like to think that 'we' have been trying to elevate the decorum of internet; away from trolling, abuse, and bullying. Having a ".sucks" domain has not use for anything but hatefull speech (or vacuum cleaners) and seems like a backwards direction.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Advice for domain name registration

codepigeon writes: Hello, Slashdot! I would like to ask for your advice on selecting a domain name registration service to use (possibly registration with website hosting?). The last time I registered a domain name was around 1999, so I am out of touch with the current offerings.

I have visited a few of the major players' websites. They seem (mostly) similar in prices and services. I have also seen both positive and negative reviews for those companies. I am concerned about being locked in, or surprised with hidden fees. (I paid $75US for a year of service in 1999, now it is only $10.99US?)

I have been trolling slashdot for about 15 years and respect the views of the users here more than anywhere else. I would love to hear your advice and/or warnings in this matter. I am looking to register a domain name for a development studio that is at the ground level (read: I'm the sole member). I have published a single app to one of the big app stores already and want to have a 'web presence' to publish information about my software and give users a place to submit complaints/requests. I currently don't see the need for any kind of major backend support for the website; simple html or javascript.

Which is the most trustworthy company to use for registration? Which ones have hidden fees or privacy problems?

Thank you.

Comment Garbage article (Score 1) 58

I think this summary was longer than the article itself. I was hoping to find what they consider as a 'cyber attack'. Do they count failed attempts at logins, port scans, pings...? Knowing how ignorant even some IT workers are, I could imagine many of those numbers are not actual 'attacks'. But hey, it sure sounds scary to mom and pop.

Comment Re:Games versus reality (Score 4, Insightful) 393

I know my sig says "hire me", but I have had offers in real-life and turned them down because I didn't agree with the what/how the employer produced.

I took a two minute glance at your blog. I read your comment here and a little bit of your other writings. You sound like you have a decent level of intelligence. I am gonna go out on a limb and assume that you are young (20 - 30). At some point in your life you are going to realize your wasted potential. When that moment of clarity hits you,... it is going to hit you like a stone to the head.

Part of 'being a man' is doing the work you don't want to do. It is the daily struggle so you can provide for a family; not living under a bridge so your values can remain intact. We are all idealistic at some point in our lives, but, there comes a time to grow up. Don't wait until it is too late.

my $.02

Comment What purpose is there for regions blocking (Score 1) 437

I keep seeing these kinds of stories pop up about region blocked dvds, streaming, etc. What is the purpose of it again? Is there some sort of competition in other regions that movie studios are trying to fight for revenue? I honestly don't even understand why it is a 'thing'. Wouldn't you want to sell your product to as many people and as quickly as you can??

How do american studios benefit from region blocking?

Comment I guess i am old (Score 5, Interesting) 119

I guess i am too old to understand how loose people treat the internet these days. 'I posted my credentials openly on the internet and am now shocked that I have been taken advatage of'... no way! You shared the keys to your kingdom and someone abused it?? Shocking.

As a complete side note: I hate when people like the author don't know the difference between 'where' and 'were'....fuck, no wonder he was easy fodder

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