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Comment Re:Edge (Score 1) 280

Pretty names for applications are silly anyhow, and have always been.

Just give them as name /what they actually are/. "Browser", or perhaps "MS browser".
At the very least, build up your application list or start menu or whatever with logical names like, perhaps allowing to append meaningless pretty names: "MS browser (Edge)".

I have so many applications installed, many of which I use only seldom, that I sometimes need to actually start them, or Ixquick them to find out /what they are/. :/
It would also greatly help new, or inexperienced, or old computer users.

Comment Re:Chrome works (Score 1) 280

The high use of Chrome was triggered by issues with Firefox (which I think have been well managed by now).
But Chrome is a security and privacy threat. It is a corporate produt. It is vendor lock-in. It eats all memory. It looks like a turd. It is userunfriendly.
I have the strong feeling people now mostly use it because it is a trend amongst teens and preteens: "muh friendz have it da cool bro so i gannah have need it too".

Comment Finally (Score 1) 766

This question has been in my head for ages.
Browsers are shamelessly slow in action that indeed, should not take more than milliseconds at best. And that is even with clean installs.
No idea what amateurs program that stuff, but they have a distorted focus. A focus that directly leads to a deeply userunfriendly experience.

Comment Misleading (Score 1) 126

So that actually means it does not arrive on Windows 10 at all.
Hell, I only just discovered that there is this abomination on Windows 10, next to Internet Explorer, called "Edge" that purports to be some Windows app-version of a browser?
How many people actually know that "Edge" thing even exists?

Comment Re:Droning justification [Re:I'm just surprised... (Score 0) 315

"... releasing classified US military information in support of terrorists."
No he did not. He helped bring US government abuse in the open, which makes him a whistleblower, formally entitled to protection.
The US government however has never lived up to their formal obligations in such cases, instead choosing to completely and utterly wreck any such person. Part of that are misinformation campaign falsely accusing those people from "aiding the enemy" and such nonsense, to which the weaker minded among us (you) show themselves to be quite susceptible.

Comment Re:Droning justification [Re:I'm just surprised... (Score 0) 315

He's not a fugitive on the run.
He is wanted for questioning. In Sweden.
To the US he is a national hero. Unfortunately most of US citizens lack the mental capacity to understand that, and the US government just plays foul (without any accusation brought onto the table) because he helped bring out US government abuse.

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