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Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 34

Yeah, that's why FaceBook is working with the US security apparatus to push this shit in all these countries. It will give them prime and easy access to all that juicy foreign data. Obviously they wouldn't want the local governments to get at the data, it's not for them, it's for the US espionage industrial complex.

Comment Re:Obvious troll is obvious (Score 1) 532

Why should we be afraid? Hitler started this way and he didn't do wrong by most germans. Well, apart from interfering in other countries, overthrowing unsimpathetic governments, invading other countries and so on.
Now which North American country is doing the same? Canada?

There it is folks, "DAE Trump == Hitler"? Lets not pretend Anonymous Coward doesn't know what they're doing, they know exactly what they're doing. A memorized smear comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler based on the most specious of similarities. Astonishing!

Comment Re:"Merely descriptive" not allowed. React will di (Score 1) 204

The biggest problem is actually not that they're trying to trademark the word, it's that they're already cozy with YouTube and are using whatever influence they have there to issue DMCA take downs with impunity. And the beauty of YouTube is that it's a private entity and can take down content for whatever reason it wants, for instance when one of their cronies who brings in a shit load of viewers doesn't like something.

Comment Re:Irony, thy name is Lucas (Score 1) 562

Yes, the Disney film was entirely an homage (read: flat-out-copy) of the first film. It took no risks, but what it did do is retell the first film for an entirely new generation. "Rebooting" is such a popular way to say "copy" today, if they'd just said "we're rebooting it because 2/3 of the source work from the original author we have as a foundation was utter crap" people would be arguing about that.


Comment Re:Saw it in 3D IMAX last night (Score 1) 562

Also, I think there is something between him and Rey... he could have killed her when she was young, but didn't, and he seemed reluctant to really want to hurt her in the last battle scene.

You mean like how they're cousins? I'll eat my hat if she doesn't end up being Luke's daughter. Whether he knew about her or not, is up for debate.

Comment Re:And not a single crap was given that day (Score 1) 562

No, you see the characters are paper-thin because the writers didn't devote half an hour to each of their origin stories. How are you supposed to know the character's motivations for doing what they do unless the writers beat you over the head with it?

Further up, someone was complaining about Finn's motivation for running away from the First Order. It was his first deployment, he was watching his comrades massacre a bunch of civilians and he said, "Nope. I'm out." What the hell else do you need? Oh, I know, lets do it Lucas style:

First, we need an establishing scene where young Finn is abducted from his parents and taken away to a scary Nazi-like Stormtrooper School. We need the emotional impact of a child being taken away from his mother.


Next, a scene with teenaged Finn having a conversation with his best friend at Stormtrooper School, Sven.

Finn: But why do we have to kill everyone all the time?
Sven: Because we're Stormtroopers, it's what we're made for.
Finn: But it's evil!
Sven: From our perspective anyone who gets in the way of the First Order is evil!

Finn turns from the camera, a look of consternation on his face.

Finn: One day I'll stop you from hurting innocents! I PROMISE!
Sven: Don't talk like that, you'll get decommissioned!


Now we're ready for the scene on Jakku, and Finn's motivations sufficiently explained, we can happily understand why he decides to quit being one of the First Order's murderous thugs.

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