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Comment Re:Perhaps nobody? Shit sometimes happens. (Score 1) 198

> Why does someone need to be blamed?

Some errors are actually gross incompetence and the offending party needs to lose his license.

"Perfection" is not required. Some degree of competence is. Any doctor should be better than a random layman. Any new treatment should be superior to alternatives. That goes for the schmuck pretending to be a physician.

Comment Re:Medical Error? (Score 2, Insightful) 198

> if you're unlucky enough to be admitted into a hospital there

It's much easier than anywhere else. All of that money we "waste" means we have more capacity. Because of of a Republican president, hospiatls have to take you for life threatening conditions regardless of your ability to pay.

Lay off the media narrative.

Comment Re:How about the doctor that reviewed it? (Score 1) 198

Interesting story.

She had to use this one doctor but insurance still didn't pay for it.

Sounds like she could have just insisted on a better doctor if she was paying for it herself. Probably could have negotiated a cash rate comparable to the insurance discount.

These days, there are entire surgical centers that just take the "out of pocket" amount. You end up paying about the same as you would otherwise.

Comment Re:Differential and management are not the same. (Score 1) 198

Even in the US, where things can be quite lucrative, you would be an idiot to get into it just for the money. It's an unbelievable grind that would take the most macho workaholic in Silicon Valley and spit him out into little pieces.

If you've never asked a doctor about this and let him rant, you really have no idea.

Comment Re:Differential and management are not the same. (Score 1) 198

Those few "domain experts" are the only ones with enough of a clue. The fact that this is the case is precisely the sort of problem these systems are trying to solve.

Your average doctor doesn't have the breadth of knowledge to handle every obscure diagnosis. Bridging that knowledge gap is really the value of an overpriced, overhyped version of pubmed.

The current training regimen is part of the problem.

Comment Re:Differential and management are not the same. (Score 1) 198

You must be joking. Even well trained nurses will go to pieces over situations that are clearly not a problem. They simply don't have sufficient knowledge.

The nurses that don't do this are already fulfilling the role of quasi-doctor and they are nearly as well trained as one.

Your average nurse has enough trouble with basic nursing duties without trying to pretend to be a doctor.

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 126

It's a user controlled format that allows for the preservation of works that even the publisher wants suppressed. There are a number of things that simply aren't available from streaming services. Some publishers/services like to "expire" things or "put them in the vault".

A user controlled format avoids any of that.

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