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Comment Re:Look at the spinning disk and give us money! (Score 1) 151

It's fascinating that so-called IT geeks and professionals can get so religious about this stuff. Any kind of system can use a variety of tools and technologies as are appropriate.

Right tool for the job and all of that.

My boot drive is a 1TB SSD. Cost a pretty penny too but it's useful. That doesn't mean I ignore spinning rust for the bulky stuff or portability.

Comment Re:Better yet, get rid of all consumer local stora (Score 1) 151

> Who needs local storage beyond the OS and apps in this day and age when anyone can store their data on the cloud

Anyone that wants it in a timely fashion.

Cloud storage absolutely SUCKS for performance because performance of the network sucks. That's not even getting into the reliability, portability, and cost issues.

Even local gigibit NAS storage is hopelessly out of date in terms of performance.

Comment Re: let it die already (Score 1) 151

I don't think that was what the OP was getting at. It sounds like they were suggesting putting multiple backups on the same media and that is a VERY BAD idea. The real advantage of spinning rust right now is that it is CHEAP.

You can buy several external spinny drives for the cost of a single SSD. That means multiple physical copies of your backups.

Once you are getting into backups or a NAS, the speed advantage of SSD doesn't matter so much anymore.

The further away from the CPU the storage is, the slower it can be. If consumer tape drives were a thing, those would work too. Although the quality of consumer tape was always pants.

Comment Re:Price controls = no competition (Score 1) 200

I'm surprised the eurotrash wannabes aren't pointing to Europe as the example here. Much like the old land line phone monopolies, European ISP cable owners have to share with competitors.

Eliminate the natural physical monopoly and you solve the underlying problem. You solve "net neutrality" too.

It must make too much sense. (or else the Trump haters would be bringing this up themselves)

Comment Re:truth in advertising (Score 1) 503

Watch what for yourself? Seeing it go up does not prove that it came down safely. For you to verify that yourself, you would probably have to put yourself at considerable risk. Seeing the LANDING for yourself, that would be something. That would prove something. Trying to witness that might also get you killed.

Thus the basic problem here.

If you didn't see it for yourself, you can't trust dick any more. We can alter video in real time and do all sorts of nonsense with. You can't even trust live video any more.

Comment Re: truth in advertising (Score 1) 503

> Correction: criticizing religious practicants can be hateful sometimes. It depends on the tone of the critic.

Utter hogwash.

Facts aren't "hateful".

You either do or don't do something that a modern society should find reprehensible. It doesn't matter if it's Muslims, Xians, or Hassids.

Comment Re:truth in advertising (Score 2) 503

> That means nothing.

No. The only thing that matters is that the customer was made right. He got his "eye" in the real biblical sense of the term. Nothing else really matters at that point.

If Amazon took a loss then that's part of their cost of doing business. They choose to care about their reputation and bear the costs of protecting it.

Your "envy" at someone gaining when they "shouldn't have" really isn't terribly relevant.

Comment Re: Slashdot readers should sure hope so (Score 1) 503

Yeah, it sounds nice but it's like rainbow unicorn ponies. It's a myth. The problem with capitalism is humanity. You can't impose some sort of alternative "monopoly" without having all of the problems the "evils of capitalism".

If anything, things will be worse due to the failures of centralization, the inability of all systems to scale, and the vulnerability of human systems to corruption.

Capitalism suffers when it gets too centralized. None of the proposed alternatives avoid this. They typically embrace it instead.

"I burned my hand on the stove. Why don't I set the rest of myself on fire."

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