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Comment For a guy who claims he doesn't record... (Score 1) 154

...he sure has a sticky "memory buffer":

From the current article:
"The impact and fall injured my leg and also broke my wearable computing system, which normally overwrites its memory buffers and doesn’t permanently record images. But as a result of the damage, it retained pictures of the car’s license plate and driver, who was later identified and arrested thanks to this record of the incident."

From his blog, in relation to an incident at McDonalds (
"With all the video surveillance cameras that you have in your establishment you should be able to do better than merely "witness statements" as the only evidence to stand against the solid evidence that your employees generated in my wearable computing system by damaging it and thus preventing it from overwriting its circular buffer"

Comment Ummm... (Score 2) 56

So Judge Koh said 'It is not the proper role of the court to second-guess the jury’s factual determination as to the proper amount of compensation,'.

And then proceeded... to second-guess the jury’s factual determination as to the proper amount of compensation by $450,000,000?

Am I missing something here? I would prefer to not RTFA if at all possible..

Comment Re:Keep the code, separate the UIs (Score 1) 179

The problem is that somebody has to write the other 2 UI's. Keeping in mind that:

- Many of the existing apps on Ubuntu aren't written by inherently Ubuntu developers, but by cross platform, Linux developers. i.e. small existing dedicated dev community
- Ubuntu has alienated a fair portion of the Linux community of late. i.e. shrinking existing dev community
- The desktop experience stinks, in the estimation of many. i.e. questionable prospects for dev community growth

Where are these tri-headed apps going to come from?

Comment Re:Wont stop the sicko... (Score 2, Informative) 1388

Only the ignorant think that gun controls don't reduce the possiblity of a sick minded disturbed person from killing.

The Australian example:
1996, introduction of strict gun controls: 0.57 per 100,000
2012, current gun homicide rate: 0.17 per 100,000

If you were to pull your head out of the sand, you might also note that the related drop in the overall homicide numbers over the same period (299 down to 219 = 70) is entirely accounted for by the corresponding drop in guns homicides over the same period (104 down to 30 = 74)

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