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Comment Re:Clark's 1st Law (Score 1) 221

So we could solve the world's energy problems overnight by getting Stephen Hawking to say that perpetual motion machines are total bollocks?

No. First of all he only said very probable, not certain. And even if it were possible that doesn't mean that it would magically pop into existence just because you got Hawking to say it wasn't. You'd still have to figure it out. (But I'd be rooting for you.)

Comment Re:Waterproof is great but ... (Score 1) 64

The Fire has a fine battery life for a tablet, but it's still horrible compared to e-ink readers, which usually last a month or two between charges if you average an hour of reading a day. E-ink displays only draw current for screen updates, so the majority of the time when you're reading (as opposed to flipping the page) the device draws very little power.

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