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Comment Re:Freedom of choice is made for you, my friend (Score 1) 244

Agreed. Maemo is the ONLY free platform currently available for mobile devices. Free as in OS source code. Free as in freedom to develop application with full system access. Free as in freedom to develop application in native code. And least but sure not last, free as in freedom to install whatever you like in YOUR OWN device.

Comment Re:SYMBIAN is DYING Open Sores CONFIRMS IT !! (Score 1) 97

Agreed! Symbian is dying, although Nokia will likely try to extend its life untill they get rid of all the Symbian legacy (people, and technology) they still have inside. And, the $1500 for the Symbian Foundation membership is not exactly the definition of Open Source. Bottom line, look elsewhere. iPhone, Android, Linux, WM (yeah, even that), whatever it is, it's smarter than choosing Symbian in 2009.

Comment Re:Glory! (Score 1) 333

I agree 100% with this. Teenager like, ego centric, attitude, constantly reaching the newbies for fanboys to unleash on LKML to make noise for him.
The only fact that a totally mediocre developer get attention of the media, is the proof that the fanboys are already unleashed.
Linus and Ingo were right in the first place, and at the end the scheduler ended up being a totally cleaner design than the half dozen proposed by Kolivas.

Comment Re:Price? (Score 1) 219

Not interesting to me. Wake me up when you have an ARM Cortex A9 based netbook, with SSD drive. Then I might buy into the 12h battery life. I currently have an EEE PC (with Atom power-sucker) with SSD drive (running Ubuntu), and I barely get 6h of real use.

Comment Re:Err, so just like the Pre? (Score 1) 621

What Nokia is bringing to the table is completely different from Android / Palm - it's a full, open Linux, no strings attached. You can develop software using the tools you want to use, instead of sticking to Java or Javascript.

Exactly. I only hope they won't get caught in the AAPL and GOOG trend of locking down devices, later in the path.
IMO the way Nokia is approaching these new devices is the right one, from a Development POV and from a Freedom To Use POV.
If they'll play their marketing cards correctly, we might have a very serious competitor to AAPL and GOOG, in the mobile space.

Comment Re:Switzerland and perhaps Estonia! (Score 1) 1359

Nope. He's not a liar. The thing with the nomenclature is the point. (Also it was long ago!) They have some nice things in their army, that others do not have. ^^ But even if it were F-117A jets, I would not find this any bad.

The Mediterranean "Sea" is actually an ocean. At least to everyone you ask here. Also, why wouldn't it be one? It has the same properties.

As far as I knew, the the telco expenses were pretty good there. Hmm... One should check this on the websites.

It's true that everything is pretty expensive. As in Luxemburg. But people also earn more money (hint: *because of it!), so they can pay it.

F19 does not exist. It's not a matter of interpretation. It was never produced.
The Mediterranean Sea is NOT an Ocean, again it does matter what you think over there.
If you went to school and they asked you to name the Earth oceans, and you mentioned the Mediterranean Sea, you should have failed.

Comment Re:Switzerland and perhaps Estonia! (Score 1) 1359

The only thing you might miss, is the ocean. For that you have to drive to Italy. (Right below it. At Venice for example.)

I dare you to beat that package. :D

OK, I'm not arguing about your other points, but:

1) Venice it's not under Switzerland

2) The Adriatic sea (the one on which Venice is) is NOT an Ocean

3) Driving down from Switzerland you get in the Genova region (Liguria), and that's the Mediterranean sea, that is NOT an Ocean too

Comment Re:What languages? (Score 1) 1359

In Norway and the rest of scandinavia (and the rest of western Europe), language will not be an issue. Only really old people will have trouble communicating in English. The exceptions in western Europe is France and Germany.

OK, France, we all know. But Germany?! A lot of them speaks English there and I wouldn't see any problem from that POV.

Comment Re:I wonder how Symantec, Norton, et will react (Score 1) 318

Norton, Symantec and others have created an entire multi-billion dollar subscription based industry around virus protection for Windows. I wonder how they are going to react to this potential bomb for there business model?

React? You mean, they should feel threatened by the same noOneCare technology that so miserably failed to make any business because of its design flaws?
I can already see everyone in the business running scared about this new thing.

Comment Re:Bah, another crappy science article in NG (Score 1) 582

However, jet engines of the era were extremely inefficient, especially German ones where poor alloys limited exhaust temperatures in the turbine.

Especially the German ones? Sorry, which other country was producing jet engines at that time?
You must have some pretty serious insider knowledge if you're aware of any.

Comment Re:India: The skrypt kiddies of programming (Score 2, Insightful) 1144

I have to review code coming from India it is full of bugs, short cuts, and shit that doesn't make a damn bit of sense Amen. I won't say that all the programmers in India suck, because that would be an inaccurate stereotype. However, I will say that The worst code I have ever seen from American programmers I have worked with was better than the best code that came back from Indian outsourced groups. I suspect that all the GOOD INDIAN PROGRAMMERS CAME TO AMERICA TO MAKE BETTER MONEY. Why would you hire the leftovers? Really, you think that you can just get better quality by spending less? Really?

The (very few, that is) Good Developers came to USA, and the ones that you get outsourcing are the very bottom of the barrel.
The quality of their work is AT LEAST substandard, simply because they have no passion for the job.
Plus, when they say they assign your project N developers, they aren't really N.
So, at the very end, between bad quality of the work, and cheating about staffing, you end paying more than employing US developers (or bringing the good ones in US).
Oh, and, there's also the fact that the managers in US that are assigned to oversee outsourced projects, get really burned very quickly.

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