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Comment Re:Cloud services are for idiots. (Score 2) 157

This, THIS! I 100% agree with this, which is the one thing I absolutely hate about iTunes match. I love my iPhone, I love that I carry music, video, a camera, phone, my calendar, email and more in one device. I love that they finally got wireless syncing done RIGHT on my device so that podcasts, smart playlists and autogenerated genius lists are automatically updated. As soon as I turn on iTunes match though, the phone forgets how to sync, instead replaced with a system that can download/psuedo stream all of my music. I can no longer push "play all" because it tries to play music that may not be on the device, if I'm on a wifi is just starts playing music that I might not want on my device at all or worse, burn up cell data with a switch buried far into the settings menu that makes it a pain to enable and disable freely. Then my device slow sucks up more and more space and there's no clean way to remove music aside from deleting each song you don't want. I've disabled Match and then tried syncing only to find it doesn't remove the downloaded music that I had on the device while synced.

That said, I love what Match has done for my appletv experience as well as my iPad where I don't normally store music, but having access to all of it anywhere I'm on wifi (and not at work) is awesome.

Comment It was cute.... (Score 1) 192

when Nintendo fixed the Game Boy Advance by releasing the SP. Then they immediately jumped the shark and now every game system they release has 15 (exaggerating for emphasis) revisions before the next console. I haven't bought a Nintento portable since the SP if that's any indication of how I feel on the situation.

Sony can go fuck themselves too, but at least they finally put a second stick on their portable.

Comment Re:I'm not going to make the smartphone mistake ag (Score 1) 255

Oh yeah, you are the market, I forgot.

My iPhone only replaced:
-an iPod for music playing
-my point and shoot camera
-my "flip-phone"
-my GPS

And on top of that I've now got:
- a flashlight(the LED on the back is ridiculously handy, even if it's isn't it's purpose)
- access to online searches instantly
- movies, via netflix, ANYWHERE
- access to my email ANYWHERE
- Entertainment via games, I stopped carrying portable game systems.
- Access to full color pictures to show to people at any time without killing trees.
- A calendar and reminder/todo list, something I tried with a palm pilot years ago, but abandoned because it was just another device to carry that I didn't want.

And it comfortably slides into my pocket without looking like I'm carrying a baby on my side or sporting a massive tumor off of my hip. The post is marked funny, I don't find anything funny about it (so if it was your goal, you failed). Maybe you failed to realize it isn't a replacement for a computing device, it's a supplement.

Comment Terraria is better (Score 1) 255

From a retro standpoint, I prefer the pixels in a 2D world. It's got more enemies, more building options, more crafting, hardcore mode, multiplayer (with player run servers), cheaper price. My wife didn't like Minecraft, she likes Terraria. We play together and adventure in the game, not just build.

Same "full" control over the world.

Comment Re:Kinda figures. (Score 4, Insightful) 194

tis true... my xv6700 only enjoyed 4 years of updates due to the hacker community, but aside from one carrier update, didn't really add new features, ever.

iBooks didn't exist when I got my iPhone3 why should I expect it now?

What I do have a problem with however is that I do own an iPad (1 & 2) that syncs with my iTunes library and i use some Universal and iPhone apps on it that REQUIRE updates to function on iOS4. Those apps aren't guaranteed to run on iOS3. Apple provides no means to maintain multiple versions of the same App, nor does it allow you to roll back to older more functional versions of some apps. If I sync an iPad with an updated App, it copies that version to my iTunes and will force an update to my iPhone the next time it updates, my only option is to remove the app from my iPhone or use a copy that doesn't work. iOS3 is no longer supported and I've BARELY had the phone for more than 2 years at this point. That to me is unacceptable.

Comment You can't read too far into this.... (Score 1) 56

FBI is government, government only gets money if there is a problem to fix. If they reported they were the best in the world, their funding would get cut and they wouldn't be able to sustain. The more critical findings are of the state of something in government, the more money is thrown it's way.

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