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Comment Updates regularly KILL WINDOWS. Bad, MS. (Score 1) 628

So, WTF are they going to say about this decision once some future update fries a couple hundred thousand (or a few million) desktop machines?

They've obviously forgotten how often that their update service has killed Windows installations. It's a problem they've had since Windows NT days and it hasn't gotten any damned better for all their experience at the task.

A google search for ---> latest windows update crashes computer --- returns over 9 million hits. Obviously, that's not individual occurrences, but it does give an indication of the fucking stupidity of Microsoft's decision.

Comment Re: Who? (Score 1) 574

Dude, you have made an entirely wrong assumption about what "retirement age" people are doing. The retirement age people you're thinking about star in the medicalert and clapper commercials and they were around 80 then, and haven't gotten any younger during the 30-40 years those commercials have been running. Don't forget which generation put all that internet shit into play, kiddo ;-)

We're out raising hell, getting high, traveling, messing around, having fun, and doing the crap we postponed to take care of a pile of kids/pets/wtf/etc.

Also, since I don't want to make two posts for neil young's pretentious attitude, let me close by saying that this is wonderful news. No more of his whining, wailing, self-pitying bullshit songs popping up randomly when listen to rock tracks.

Comment The real reason they're bringing suit is... (Score 3, Insightful) 257

... they're ashamed and angered by everyone knowing that they made up a secret club and have secret meetings that any pack of 4th graders would be proud of. Seriously, ladies, now that the world knows, don't you feel kind of childish? Greeks: Providing a safety cuddle blanket for insecure high school grads for over two centuries

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 141

I was downtown for 9/11 and the last big blackout.

I can tell you from experience that the cell towers overloaded or had lost power within an hour of the planes hitting and almost again instantly when the power went off in the big blackout. During the blackout some cell tower installs were powered from building generators, but there was no where near enough to handle the volume.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 141

Hell, sometimes they're hard pressed to even get in position, let alone operate. Hams have the advantage (if you want to call it that) of more than likely already having hot-damn eager people in place and ready to rock and roll.

StinkyPad is probably non-tech but interested in geeky stuff and doesn't have the background or exposure to be aware of this sort of stuff.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 3, Informative) 141

You may think so, but I assure you that your impression of amateur radio's place in the scheme of things is sadly wrong. Think of them more like rabid Maker's hooked on radios instead of Arduinos and 3D printers. They aren't random people yelling breaker, breaker into a CB. It's a very technical hobby. Some might have just a transceiver and an antenna. But others have setups that look more like a satellite comm center. The people who dive into emergency comms do so with as much seriousness dedication as any EMT, fireman, or policeman. They're more like the guys who chase tornadoes. They go _to_ the trouble.

But don't misunderstand their purpose. They don't do this just for emergencies. Radio is a way of life for many of them.

Sure, "the communicate by any means" is still there. However, amateur radio operators provide vital communications to coordinate rescue and relief efforts all over the world, way more than just providing "I'm alive" messages. They've been doing it for over 1000 years. Ham operators happen to be sprinkled around all over the world, so they might already be there when bad shit happens. The operators have networks, procedures, and contact in place for emergency situations.

Ham radio's activity in this regard is officially recognized in the US and most other countries.

In the US, MARS (DoD program), ARES (civilian org, "ARRL"), and RACES (DHS program). All three deal deal with the use of amateur radio to provide emergency/disaster services.

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