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Comment Re:Playing the race card again (Score 1) 1078

After reading the article (RTFA) it appears that it had nothing to do with race. Had a white kid done the same experiment, he/she would have probably been treated the same way. The fact is, it creates an explosion. Now, expulsion and a felony for that is way overdone. A reprimand and a warning would have been enough, IMHO.

Comment Re:Whats the alternative? (Score 1) 863

MS cannot sustain an 'every other version is a flub' business model

Funny you should mention that. I believe they can ... because they still pretty much have a monopoly. Do you really have a choice? Sure, you could get a Mac at 4 times the cost, but, that's not seriously an option.

BTW, I have a Win 8 laptop and I really don't think it's that bad, but this post is coming to you from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Comment Re:Load and unload the X cruft on demand (Score 1) 193

Especially since stuff doesn't just randomly change for the sake of change

This is something which has really bothered me with Linux for a while. We are using Ubuntu for the most part and the constant changes drive me and the users nuts. Now Canonical which was going to use wayland is now going yet another direction. Sheesh.

Comment Re:Throw a bomb on GEMA! (Score 1) 409

Do these fucking retards think that The World is their property?

In a word ... yes

When you buy a smart phone, they collect something like 40 euros. They make more money on the smart phone than the manufacturer does! And they collect that because you "could" uses it to store and play music. But, if you were actually to do such a thing, which you have now paid for with the 40 euro surcharge, you would be committing a criminal act. And the smart phone is just the tip of the iceberg.

A friend of mine is a musician and plays in clubs. He plays his own music and the club still has to pay GEMA more money than he makes. So, yes, they at least think they own all music. This is my opinion, of course. (My lawyer says I have to write that so they don't sue me).

Comment Re:My problem is quite the opposite. (Score 1) 332

I've found the same to be true that if I really want to be effective in almost any software task, I sit down and work it out on paper. I use a fountain pen rather than a pencil but that's irrelevant).

A recent study found that students writing their notes on paper had better retention than those using notebooks.

YMMV ;-)

Comment Re:My problem is quite the opposite. (Score 1) 332

Yes, I would agree with that. I used to use Quattro Pro which was excellent but it had at least one annoying problem: when any part of the spreadsheet was obscured and then any or part of that became visible, the whole window would refresh. It turned out later that, according to an article I read, there was a Windows API which would only repaint the uncovered area, but that was hidden and only the Office people knew about it. More proof of the unfair advantage MS gave their office group and withheld from competitors.

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