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Comment Re:Rant Mode Activated (Score 1) 720

SJW - Social Justice Warriors. You've seen the type, quote a billion statistics and lies, hate everything about anything first world countries and love to talk about the trials and tribulations about PoCs (People of Color) while treating them like ignorant animals and disdain.

Usually they've gone to college and taken their first class and see the injustices of the world everywhere.

They're all over the interwebs. You could be talking about how you got a raise and are looking forward to finally being able to buy a house, and then they'll say "You know, some people only live on $2 a day...." and try to make you feel bad about yourself. Or that you just had really hot kinky sex with your spouse and then "You know, all sex is rape because women can't conciously consent...." it's like they're in permanent buzzkill mode.

Comment Rant Mode Activated (Score 1) 720

I know slashdot loves SJWs, but they've irritated the fuck out of me for years here.

I knew the post wasn't technology based when it contains lines like that while it may be true for McDonald's to say that its tech plans will improve customer experience, the move is also "a convenient justify a reduction in the chain's global workforce."

Can't we just discuss the technology about how it would be to order food this way? Why does is always comes down to some retarded "WHAT ABOUT DER CHILDREN" every time? I didn't see anyone complaining about the internet killing the travel agent business, doctors killing the bloodbowl makers business, or when the internet changed the journalism business? Why is changing your ordering capabilities so detrimental to the world?

A convenient way to reduce their workforce? Those bastards! That workforce wouldn't be made up of a bunch of PoCs that desperately need white people to help them would they since they won't survive on their own without a bit of noblesse oblige? Desperately clinging to their jobs with single tears running down their faces? Is sarah mclaughlin singing about them? That's the height of arrogance and insulting.

"Today Fred Smith announced he was cutting back on the number of his girlfriends, deciding that it was easier and more fair to concentrate on one girlfriend, but critics point out that he was conveniently saving money by not spending it on 5 other women. This change will naturally causes economic waves as these other poor women won't have their social lives subsidized any more. Who will help their social welfare? One woman was quoted as saying, 'You used to be able to support a family of four on one boyfriend. Now what am I going to do? Go back to school to learn how to dress like a slut? Do you know many girl's social lives are less than $2 a day? And 1 in 4 women have to date someone in IT? "

Have people ever actually run a business before? They're talking about using kiosks to improve the customer experience, and it desperately needs improving. The phrase "they fuck you at the drive through" isn't new by any means. I'd say I'm lucky if I get my food successfully 50% of the time, and this is from a workforce that cannot manage to follow instructions of instructions on how to make my food and then manage to put it into a bag successfully.

Sorry again, one employee manages to assemble and microwave my food correctly, and the other manages to put it into a bag. And they have a failure rate of 50% in that complicated ordering pipeline. I assume it's because their brain pans are filled with mayonaise.

I, for one, welcome our new kiosk overlords. I'd like the warm fuzzy feeling in my balls when I can push pictures and get what the picture looks like even 75% of the time. I'll take an increase in customer satisfaction any day over having to spell my order out 6 times and then wonder why this person wasn't drowned in a river as a baby.

Smart people work at minimum wage, realize it sucks, and GTFO as fast as they can for better pastures. If you're over 21 and still working at minimum wage, you're either medically retarded or you've made severely bad choices in your life, neither one of which I want handling my "food" or whatever McDonalds calls it these days. Continuing to repeatedly fuck my dining ability because of fear of "DER TECKNOLOGY" is retarded. Why don't we applaud the tecnological innovations that would actually improve our lives, and let people worry about their lives and better themselves without our pretend concern for them?

Comment Re:So what you're telling me (Score 2) 146

Yeah really. I canot believe ANYONE would think that LEO is all up in arms that now devices are "encrypted" and the kiddie porn will run rampant.

If you're familiar with public relations tactics, these articles are so damn blatantly obvious.

It's a good deal, google and apple who already work with the government anyway, are now allowed to act like their devices are safe, and the govt. can pretend to act like they're styimed and will never break a case again.

Seriously. Is there anyone stupid enough to believe that the govt. allows encryption techology like this without their control? Or that there aren't backdoor protocols?

Name one thing you can have where the govt. doesn't have you bent over. And people believe they either have, or are allowed to have, something they can't access.

Comment Re: Here's the solution (Score 1) 577

That's why I just format and reinstall every 6 mos. Apps don't matter, data does. I save data offline anyway as part of my retention plan. The OS and everything gets wiped, which eliminates all the app spoor and rootkits and various things that build up. I have no idea why people aren't wiping their system regularly anyway.

Comment Phone Value (Score 1) 299

No one steals phones to use "the phone" with a new sim. Well, some people do, but they are a tiny tiny minority. The real value is stealing electronics is boxing them up and selling them by the kilo to "resource extractors" for the money. No one who makes this a side business gives a crap about your bricked phone.

Phones, depending on type and the resources in them, have a per kilo value. Like anything, it's volume volume volume.

This is totally about law enforcement stopping free communication. It will not stop theft in the slightest. Anyone telling you this has some deterrant about theft is an idiot at best and lying at worst.

Comment Re: You dorks (Score 1) 418

I know that slashdot has windows popping all over with full streaming video sucking away all my bandwidth.

I know that I can't "window" the damn browser because it's busy floating on top of the article.

I know that it doesn't work on firefox on ubuntu.

I not know I will never ever buy a Duralast tire.

So yeah, they're manipulating and screwing up the content. I don't mind a static banner, or sidebar, and have in fact used advertising before. I don't mind supporting sites I frequent.

But this is bullshit. The experience is crap. How can HTML be this fucked up that you don't even test it with the latest, say, top 4 browsers?

Comment Re:Oh, absolutely .... (Score 1) 702

Or they're just bad people who go into positions of power with no chance of being fired because they're bullies and jackasses.

When I go through the security screening, I often notice how they're members of the intellectual proletariat, obviously rising up in revolution against the bourgeois pigs who have their foot on their neck as they try to do their performance art about how hard it is being poor. Clearly they are from the non-nobility, who has codified peerage laws specifically naming them as next in line for the throne.P>

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