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Comment Re:Quake3-Live is STILL relevant! (Score 1) 60

"all FPS games to some degree *REDUCE* to the most basic element of point-and-shoot-fragging.

I disagree. I watched a guy who was phenomenal in Q3 and blew goats at UT. He owned me in Q3, but I smoked him in UT (Shock rifle :p) If you are good and point-and-shoot then you definitely can do well in any FPS, however with different weapons and strategies (recognizing strengths/weaknesses) they add their own elements.

Comment Re:Generate your own 'fake' logs (Score 1) 857

Yeah, the buggies the Amish use don't have headlights. The govt makes them put reflectors on their buggies, that the Amish hate.

WTF? This has nothing to do with it. Are you suggesting that the reflectors that those buggies are required to have can contain 2 years worth of logs? Furthermore, this is for the safety of motorists and the Amish (not to mention the horses.) Unless there is some kind of compensation for the storage/backup/restore of these logs, I don't see how this holds water. I should not be "required" to do anything with my network. BTW, as previously stated, what if I run static IPs? What then?

Comment Re:Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell et al. (Score 1) 689

I totally agree. Once you are placed in the public eye, you open yourself up for satire. It comes with the territory. While it is fortunate that the records of these children will be "locked away" once they turn 18, those records are still there. They aren't wiped off the face of the Earth as some may think. It is a process of appealing to have the record expunged which may be costly (as nothing in the court system is ever free.) Furthermore, if one of these children is released prior to turning 18, they still have that mark on their record should they apply for a job. This is truly sad that justice is for sale...even when children are involved.

Comment Re:Old news is old (Score 1) 485

Ahhh but that is a "property tax" that is due every time you register, hence every year. This is about sales Tax. Taxes were so bad in NY (and the lack of jobs, but I digress) that I moved the hell out. I live in GA now where the taxes are much better. My home in NY would cost me twice as much price wise, and nearly 3 times as much property tax wise. Can Gov. Patterson even SEE what he is signing?!?!? You could stick a pen in his nose he gets so close to the bills he puts his signature on.

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