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Comment Re:Hmmm..... (Score 3, Interesting) 377

Yes, everyone should understand that the POTUS has no real power to change the economy. But at the same time I can think of many things that Bush and all elected officials in power did that contributed to this downturn. The POTUS should have the confidence of the public, in this regard Bush is a total failure. President D Roosevelt is credited with ending the Great Depression but there is great debate whether he actually did. What he did do was be a leader in which Americans trust. Obama is probably going to follow this mold, he's already talking about an extended period of financial downturn. Anyone expecting that Obama is going to turn things around in his first term is probably unrealistic.

Comment World's most expensive joyrides. (Score 2, Interesting) 61

I'm I missing something or does this spaceport not actually connect to anything? Ironically you would be travelling the most distance in your life and end not going anywhere. Anyway, hope this will bring actual space travel to the moon, planets, I would even settle for a station on Earth orbit, closer to most people.

Comment Practical limit (Score 1) 174

This might be a practical limit to the GHz race. There's only so much cicuitry that an electron can go through in that short amount of time. Someone work out the math but in that short amount of time an electron can travel less than a feet(30cm) I'm guesstimating. Sorry got an exam in a couple of hours, don't want to break out the paper and pencil just now.

Comment Re:The Importance of the Minds of a General Popula (Score 1) 290

Not to burst your bubble, but to say that most Germans didn't know what was going on with the Jews is disingenous. They surely knew that Jews were being relocated and weren't asking too many questions on where they were going. Jews were being shipped at the rate of tens of thousands per day into concentration camps. Entire neighborhoods were culled and Jewish property were transferred to Germans. You cannot in good conscience tell me that most Germans didn't know what was going on, maybe it wasn't 100% of all Germans who knew but Hitler didn't just wave a magic wand and make Jews disappear. Hitler's racial policy were very clear since the beginning and millions of Germans signed up for it. It's my personal belief that the Holocaust was not a uniquely German event, it could happen anywhere else in the world. That's why we must alwas be vigilant and face the truth, no matter how horrible.

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