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Submission + - Cdn Record Industry Facing $60B Copyright Lawsuit (

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist is reporting that the four major record labels that comprise the Canadian Recording Industry Association have been hit with the largest copyright infringement lawsuit in Canadian history. A class action claims $60 billion in damages for unauthorized and unpaid uses of recordings. The record labels openly admit at least $50 million in liability but believe working to pay the outstanding amounts "would be an unproductive use of time". The plaintiffs, led by the estate of jazz musician Chet Baker, are also seeking punitive damages given the strict enforcement of copyright by the same labels against consumers.

Comment Re:This is not an invasion of privacy (Score 5, Insightful) 232

Which is a glaring hole in the law, one which should be changed.

Any personally identifying information held by a company or individual about a second individual should be considered confidential and treated as such. Otherwise you might end up in the situation where your doctor doesn't tell anyone you have disease X, however your credit card company could because they know you've been buying medications. Who the information comes from is really of little consequence; it's the information itself that matters.

Comment Re:Theory vs. Reality - Seriously (Score 1) 468

Except that weak encryption IS easier to break then finding out the password. Especially when you are capuring wireless packets in a crowded environment where you don't know who is doing the sending**.

In those cases it is much easier to break the relatively weak encryption used almost everywhere then try and seek out the person who's sending packets to

**Not that anyone would ever do such things...

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