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Comment Positive Uses for This Technology (Score 1) 914

Could this be given to terminally ill patients so that they get the gift of a life time of wonders without all the blisters of from trekking, early mornings, hangovers, late nights, working life, lousy bosses, mosquito bites, etc..
Just imagine being able to gift a full-life world holiday to someone: Machu Picchu, Tierra del Fuego, a life of diving the greatest reefs, gliding the Andes, kayaking the Colorado.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 2) 108

I would have expected someone to raise the possibility of insurance companies mining the information so as to avoid dealing with 'problem' medically compromised customers, or at least increasing the coverage fees to unacceptable levels and thereby driving off the 'problem'. Perhaps that potential new employer wants to know that you aren't medical damaged goods? Perhaps you have to apply to the police or a local authority for permission for something, and they want to use the medical records to check your suitability/mental condition/drink/drugs etc..

I would have expected someone to be making comparisons to 'Gattaca' by this point in time.

Comment Done Already (Score 1) 61

Almost every day I dive past one of the Smithsonian biomass accretion modules in Aqaba Marine Park, Jordan. You can see one of the collection modules here.

If only academic departments/institutions collaborated or communicated a little bit more, maybe the research dollar would go a little further?



PADI instructor 636522


Submission + - Kim Dotcoms NZ Mansion Visited for BBC Interview (bbc.co.uk)

the monolith writes: If you have ever thought what your 'app' profits may bring, or that nifty website selling rock memorabilia, then take a look at what big Kim Dotcom has to put up with.

The indoor swimming pool, the studio, the garden!

A lifetime of hacking real-time code gets me near as damn all when compared to this stately pile.

Anyone need a programmer? :)

Comment If Music Be The Food Of Love, Log In (Score 4, Interesting) 193

Instead of using words, how about playing the keyboard as if it were a piano (or any other keyboard-like instrument)

Here is an example of a musical login: pvy89pvvv[890[]vv

For this example, position your right hand with the thumb on the 'v' key, then play the sequence as if they were notes, then listen to C.P.E. Bach - Minuet In G Major for what it should really sound like.

If you like impressive music, try: uppvyuvyyyyuyvvyuvyuppvyuvyyyyuyvvyuyv
Leo Arnaud - Buglers Dream

Comment Saggy Bums? (Score 2) 24

So, in a few years time when my body slumps a little more and my ass is hanging down, I can get a 'Sponge Bob' job down the back and another complementary do-hickey up front? This is strangely appealing on several levels. I can see the cost benefit analysis, and why wait for the future; do they need human test subjects?

Comment Re:The marketing dweeb bastards won't quit (Score 1) 175

What's all this about Duck Tape, or Duct Apes? How about a simple solution: put a fish bowl in front of the sensor! It will probably still pick up your hand gestures, but get driven crazy by the Goldfish! OK, I have been watching too much the American Dad (social education programs.)

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