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Like the other guy said, might've been a test device. Sounds like _______ department within Microsoft allowed the dude to run his own contest or something. I'm sure microsoft employees have access to as many copies of Windows as they could possibly want... maybe the upgrade was a courtesy? and boxes are wonderful for re-using. Alot of geeks aren't known for aesthetiics... so the dude takes the initiative to ship a laptop. *cry* also I worked at UPS and I saw boxes take some damage

Comment Re:Over-engineered (Score 1) 487

I can see 2 advantages. 1 being increased coverage area for those on security patrol in an area where a bicycle would pose a safety hazard.

2 being the police force's image of looking "high tech". This has nothing to do with usefulness. Some people just have to have the latest and greatest technology to feel legitimate to others... Do the majority of sheriff's officers really need to drive a Dodge Charger?

Comment Re:Main benefits are to the environment (Score 5, Informative) 921

taken from wikipedia's entry on organic farming: Excess nutrients in lakes, rivers, and groundwater can cause algal blooms, eutrophication, and subsequent dead zones. In addition, nitrates are harmful to aquatic organisms by themselves. The main contributor to this pollution is nitrate fertilizers whose use is expected to "double or almost triple by 2050". Researchers at the United States National Academy of Sciences found that organically fertilizing fields "significantly [reduces] harmful nitrate leaching" over conventionally fertilized fields: "annual nitrate leaching was 4.4-5.6 times higher in conventional plots than organic plots".

Submission + - Government Web sites attacked; NKorea suspected (

screamphilling writes: A widespread computer attack that began July 4 knocked out the Web sites of the Treasury Department, the Secret Service and other U.S. agencies, and South Korean government sites also came under assault. South Korean intelligence officials believe the attacks were carried out by North Korean or pro-Pyongyang forces. U.S. officials so far have refused to publicly discuss details of the attack or where it might have originated.
...the Transportation Web site was "100 percent down" for two days. The FTC site, meanwhile, started to come back online late Sunday, but even on Tuesday Internet users still were unable to get to the site 70 percent of the time. Web sites of major South Korean government agencies, including the presidential Blue House and the Defense Ministry, and some banking sites were paralyzed Tuesday. An initial investigation found that many personal computers were infected with a virus ordering them to visit major official Web sites in South Korea and the U.S. at the same time, Korea Information Security Agency official Shin Hwa-su said.

Comment err (Score 1, Funny) 844

I think guys are biologically programmed to want to cum as deep inside a girl as possible. (at least I am) It feels so much better and more fulfilling. Whenever I clear the pipes inside the condom (at least when the reservoir is small) it's always disappointing. I can feel it hit that latex barrier. Even with pulling out, you've always gotta go somewhere. The second best place is the mouth of course...

My girlfriend says that she finds it hott when I cum inside her.

Granted, condoms are definitely worth it for the risk-reducing factor. The new Durex Avanti synthetic latex are pretty nice. Reservoir stretches out pretty nicely. Also the natural-lamb but they are hella expensive and don't prevent stds...

Comment Re:Stainless steel? (Score 1) 571

I don't know if it's because we're that damned old-fashioned but you can still find them in lots of places in Alabama.
Many gas stations sell them on ice (and charge the same amount for an 8oz bottle as a 12 ounce can). They can also be purchased in a wooden pallet in grocery stores.

My favorite thing about glass coke bottles is that 8 ounces is the perfect amount of coke. Anything more and I get a coke belly.

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