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Comment Re:Maybe it's the hardware.. (Score 1) 764

I don't want to view a -thumbnail- of the picture on part of my screen. (coverview)

i don't think i am being unreasonable here to ask that when i open a picture the operating system understands that i want to actually see (fullscreen/maximized) the picture, and that I just might want to also see pictures next to it.

I guess you can go on thinking that the "mac way" of viewing pictures is better, but from where I stand, Windows wins hands down. I want OSX to be good, i really do, but things like this just kill it. Why doesn't preview have next / previous buttons? Really, what reason is there not to have that work?

Comment Re:The real reason students and rents are buying M (Score 2, Interesting) 764

If you are recommending OpenOffice instead of MSOffice I question your judgement.

I want OpenOffice to be good, i really do. I download each release hoping that this time it will be better, but it never is. It is always slower, more prone to crash, feature lacking, and incompatible with the things that I am doing. I always end up using it for a week or two, then running into some bug or problem, them spending half a day trying to fix it. At some point i realize that the faster MS Office will do what I want without bugs and the time lost to Open Office could have paid for a new copy of MS Office.

I wish they would stop trying, and failing to copy MS Office and instead focus on being really good and fast at a basic set of features, rather that being mediocre at a lot.

Comment Re:LINUX rounds numbers fine (Score 1) 764

1) I guess that is why OSX is losing market share

2)Do you think that windows can't dual boot?

3)What are you doing with your notebook that you are breaking the hinges? I suggest a tough book, they will stroke your need to have nice (read)expensive things, and they will be tougher that your macbook.

4)Name 5 things nicer about the OSX GUI than the Win7 one.

Comment Re:Maybe it's the hardware.. (Score 1) 764

I find a big difference between opening a picture in a program called "preview", and not being able to perform the most common of tasks, and opening a picture in photoshop.

Either way, on a PC, this would never happen. Even with a default photoshop installed, when a double click a picture a nice preview comes up with options to do common tasks, email, print, open in photoshop, rotate, and yes, go forward and back, even start a slideshow.

Now, all that sounded, and really is easy and convenient. Why isn't it on Macs? Why in the world would i select all my pictures and open them all? most of the time i want to just browse. Quick view is a very specific tool to quickly flip through photos, windows has a similar feature, but the reality is that 99% of the time i want to see pictures, not glance at small versions of them.

So i guess it boils down to real convenience / usability. I will give OSX a plus for expose, but in the age of tabbed browsers and multiple monitors it is less useful. This being said, the ability to open a picture full screen and just press right / left on the keyboard is a deal breaker, and that was found in just a few hours of Mac use, i shudder to think what else i would find if i had to use it forever.

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