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Comment Re:Pure BS and FUD (Score 1) 206

This just in, if you live in the middle of no where, with no modern infrastructure, you have to figure out how to do things a little different then those that live in densely populated area with high developed utilities. This includes having a septic tank, and having that pumped regularly, long drives to get groceries, limited choice of local retail shopping at big brand stores, having well-water instead of city water, poor roads, and crappy/limited internet access. These deficiencies are part of the choice to live in the boonies. There are plenty of positives, too, of course, but those are out-side the scoop of this conversation.

Comment Re:Pure BS and FUD (Score 1) 206

Yes, because if a company doesn't give you a disk when you upgrade, (even thought you get unlimited re-downloads of the full version of the software anytime you need it, and some of their current offering don't have optical drivers,) then you should go immediately run out and buy from a competitor that doesn't give media at all, and hasn't done so for 10 years.

Look, someone ready to to do the work to replace the HD on a Mac can be safely assumed to have means to replace the OS.

Comment Re:So how do you install a new hard drive? (Score 1) 206

Usually, you upgrade a Mac the same way you upgrade your car.

Either you watch to much Fast and Furious, have the right tools, know what your doing (atlest you sort-of think you do,) and you don't mind making a Frankenstein with no resale value.


You sell yours on Creig's list and buy another one

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 505

But be reasonable, everyone already has their own watchs, there is no real reason you'd need to share. You would need iTunes to activate the watch the first time, but it would just auto magically discover the time, and when to wake you up in the morning on it's own. Yes, the initial purchase would be a little more then an arguably comparable watch, but the iWatch would have both a longer useful life, and hold a resale value not found with other brands. Of course the brand would pay a license to whatever body required by US federal law.

Come on... we are talking about watches. REAL time pieces don't have batteries.

Comment Re:15 billion? (Score 1) 183

I've had an iPhone since release day. Not counting repairs for iPhone I'd dropped, I've spent a total sum of $80, when the new version come out I'll easily sell the iPhone4 for more then the new one cost, (under contract.)

  $600 original purchase
  ($200) gift card
  $400 sold original iPhone
  $300 iPhone 3G
  ($400) sold iPhone
  $300 iPhone 3Gs
  ($420) sold iPhone
  $300 iPhone 4

Comment Re:And what does this have to with taxes? (Score 1) 623

That isn't free market. Free market means everyone has the same opportunity to sell their goods. Anyone can come along with a better product or price and the customer is free to choose.

This is the local store has to charge citizen sales tax on behave of state vs Amazon activity helps citizen commit tax evasion against the state.

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