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Comment Re:Taxes and trade are complicated (Score 1) 175

Wal-Mart is also a brick and mortar store. I'm just saying these stores should learn how to compete. They're going to need an online presence if that's the only way they can avoid sales tax with our current set of laws. There's a lot more to our communities than retail stores. If only 1/10th of the retail stores and parking lots in my city were turned into parks or something actually useful it would be a much nicer place. Shopping online reduces traffic and saves time for more important activities.

Comment Re:But remember kids... (Score 1) 238

It could be hydrogenated cottonseed oil, lard or some combination of vegetable oils. Throw in butter flavoring and the only way to tell a difference is by the texture. A consumer shouldn't have to go by taste or trial and error to get what they want. Any food service establishment should have this information readily available upon request. If people have access to this information and still patronize places that serve mystery meat or artery clogging trans-fats because they're cheaper that's their choice.

Comment The Administration's Sweating Profusely (Score 1) 195

Anti-malaria drugs like Mefloquine and Quinine are suitable for short stays in at risk areas. After a few months the side effects can become intolerable. The spread of malaria can also be mitigated by using mosquito nets, repellent and staying away from places with standing water. Treatment after exposure to malaria is usually quite effective. I think that if it turns out mefloquine was a factor in this incident, its widespread long-term use in these areas should definitely come under review.

Comment Re:Checkpoint != Border (Score 1) 578

There's potential for abuse here. My friend was helping his ex-wife move back to Texas, they both drove separate cars. Once they got there her druggee friend helped unload his trunk. On his way back, he was stopped and searched at one of these inland checkpoints because a drug dog smelled something. Luckily they didn't find anything big enough to incriminate him with. Imagine if she really wanted to get him in trouble. Instead of causing him an inconvenience she could have put him in jail for a while.

Comment Re:jury trials cost more money (Score 1) 897

In a lot of states traffic offenses are still misdemeanors which can carry jail time for not paying, i.e. you could be arrested at your next traffic stop and forced to pay up. If you demand a jury trial they will often lower it to a civil infraction and then tell you that they don't do jury trials for infractions. You can't be deprived of liberty for an infraction although they may still be able to suspend your license if you don't pay, a decision which you can also appeal. If you go pro se and study up you can drag the case out for a long time. Challenge jurisdiction, file a bunch of motions etc. You can hope the officer won't show up at trial and possibly get the case dismissed. If you really aren't guilty, do whatever you can to get a fair trial or get the case dismissed. In most places they can't charge you court costs for your defense if you claim you are indigent i.e. not a millionaire that can afford to hire a team of lawyers to defend a traffic case. If the judge finds you guilty at a bench trial appeal the decision within 10 days. Then you can appeal all the way to your state's Supreme Court. Somewhere along the way they'll figure it's not worth their time for a $100 traffic ticket.

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