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Comment Re:Lack of imagination? (Score 1) 1475

I'm a conservative Roman Catholic, who views homosexual activity as mortally sinful, and would prefer to live in a traditional Catholic monarchy where the monarch is answerable only to God and the Pope. I don't expect anyone on Slashdot to see eye-to-eye with me here, and this is not the point that I wish to debate.

I realize, however, I live in a modern, liberal, pluralistic republic, and will likely never get to live in a society that I want, therefore I am more than willing to compromise to be at peace with the rest of society. I feel in a secular republic, such as the US, the best solution is for the government to stay out of it -- best would be no legal recognition of marriage at all. Nor should it recognize anything resembling a civil union. Marriage, from a legal standpoint, should be built out of pre-existing contract law. Simple and elegant -- Catholics could have a standard marriage contract drawn up that would fit their framework, Jews could do the same, as could atheists, Freemasons, Jedi, etc. Employers would be free to do what they wish in terms of insurance -- if you don't like it, work somewhere else.

Unfortunately, this would require serious amount of changes at the federal, state, and municpal laws, including modifications to the US constitution. I would certainly support this sort of effort, though it is unlikely to ever happen.


Here Comes iPhone Nano, But Not In the US 177

jehovajerieh writes to us in the time-honored tradition of rampant Apple speculation, pointing to an article over on IBTimes suggesting that while the iPhone Nano may be on the way, the US might not be the first to experience this gadget bliss. "Despite limited information in the supplier channels and typical secrecy with new Apple products, insiders have confirmed that the iPhone nano is not yet in the testing labs at AT&T, Marshal says, leading him to believe that the launch will most likely be with a non-US carrier. 'Obviously, the best-case scenario here would be a China launch (~600mil+ wireless subscribers total in the country), but we have no definitive knowledge of this and are working on identifying the [locale] of launch and other pertinent details,' he said."

iPhone App Pricing Limits Developers 437

HardYakka writes "According to this post in the Fortune blog, the iTunes app store has been a boon for users but some developers are saying the number of free and 99 cent apps make it difficult for developers to create complex, higher priced apps. Craig Hockenberry of Iconfactory says the iPhone may never get its killer app like the spreadsheet was for the Mac. If Apple does not do something, the store will be left with only ring tones and simple games. Some are suggesting that overpaid developers are the problem and the recession will soon lower the wages and costs for complex apps."

Race and Racism In Video Games 371

SlappingOysters writes "Racism in video games has been a key topic of discussion in the game industry this year, thanks in large part to the controversy surrounding the Resident Evil 5 launch trailer. In this article, GamePlayer speaks to developers, publishers, activists and journalists about the issue to get various perspectives and insights into how the video game industry is moving forward on the topic of racism. A related piece also has interviews with Sue Clark from the UK's Classification Board and Dr. Griseldis Kirsch, a lecturer in Contemporary Japanese Studies, about how racism in video games is viewed by the BBFC and Japan respectively."

Comment Re:Hell no. (Score 1) 1141

I have 12 years of experience and a degree in CS.

I can't find decent coders. In the last round of interviews, no one fit the bill.

Can you code well? Live in Jersey? Want to try me as a boss? Email me.

The Internet

Submission + - Disaster recovery

moogoogaipan writes: After a few days thinking about the quickest way to bring my website back to the internet users, I am still stuck at DNS. From experience, even if I set the TTL for my DNS zone file as low as 5 mins, there are still DNS servers out there won't update until a few days later(yeah you, AOL). Here is my situation. Say, I have my web servers and database servers at a remote backup location. They are ready to serve. So my question for ./ers is that if we get hit by an earthquake at our main location, what can I do in a few hours to get everyone to go to our backup location?

Submission + - South Korea developing robot code of ethics

thefickler writes: A 12-member task force, consisting of top lawyers, doctors and scientists, has been set up by the South Korean Commerce Ministry to develop a code of ethics for robots by the end of the year, according to

"We expect the day will soon come when intellectual robots can act upon their own decisions. So we are presenting this as an ethical guideline on the role and ability of robots," said South Korea's Commerce Ministry.

Submission + - Myspace eliminates "Gay" option

ishboo writes: "Just recently myspace abolished the option to select "Gay" as a sexual preference in your profile while still leaving bi and lesbian. This comes form chairman of News Corps. (Myspace's parent company) Rupert Murdoch who made this choice based on "Personal Family Values" who has a history of being accused of being homophobic. ity_of_users_to_0503.html"

Submission + - Tikal Bugzilla with features won't find elsewhere

kanfil writes: Tikal, an open source provider of application development and deployment suites, has launched an enhanced version of Bugzilla, positioned as a high performance issue tracker with a new GUI and the much sought after "custom fields" option (due also in version 2.23 of the community edition of Bugzilla).

Tikal Bugzilla is available for download from Tikal's project at SourceForge.

While Bugzilla is considered an excellent and reliable bug tracker, it is lacking in usability and flexibility. On the other hand, extreme flexibility can be a drag on usability (see Scarab). Balancing all, Tikal has released a "crowd pleaser" version of Bugzilla which includes:
  • New, easy to use GUI
  • "Custom Fields" creation via a GUI, no coding needed
    True multi type issue tracking
  • "Easy Orientation" via a personal dashboard
  • Sub task fields (each can be attributed to a different user)
  • "View Version Control Activity" feature
    And more

Tikal's Bugzilla lets you manage and process the myriad of issues that are part of the development process — change requests, tasks, patches, features etc. Each issue can have several sub tasks, each can be attributed to several owners.

Certified versions and full support is available for Tikal subscribers.

Tikal previously released Tikal Update Manager (TUM), a YUM Extender like, GUI based update manager for Eclipse IDE.

Tikal provides additional open source high performance tools for application development and life-cycle management. is open for feedback and comments.

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