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Comment Re:Direct comparisons are bad (Score 2, Interesting) 231

That leaves you with emulation, which i doubt Intel could make faster than native...

If only you could go back in time and convince Intel of this! The first generation of Itaniums actually did x86 emulation in hardware. A brilliant idea: the only problem with it was that it was actually slower than software emulators (which themselves were pretty slow).

Anyway I don't think Itanium was every supposed to replace x86. This was before x86-64 existed and Intel thought it would be their only 64-bit chip.

Intel can't move to a new architecture because they are held back by all the millions of closed source applications out there.

Ahh but they did! It's called x86-64!

In the end it wasn't backwards compatibility that was the problem. x86-64 has the almost all the same backwards compatibility problems that Itanium has: software developers are forced to release two binaries for their code these days, an x86-32 binary and an x86-64 binary. Obviously x86-64 took off like gang-busters, though, even though it came out like 5 years after Itanium. The reason developers are happy to develop x86-64 binaries but not Itanium binaries is that there still doesn't exist a decent compiler for Itanium.

Okay, okay, I know x86-64 trivially does x86-32 "emulation" very efficiently, which helped it out, but I think the existence of extremely good compilers is what helped it more.

Comment Re:Jobs once called Adobe lazy and he may be right (Score 1) 409

How many modern applications can you run on an old single core computer? How about a computer with 128 megs of RAM? Or how about a 1 GB hard drive?

Uh all of them? With the exception of the 1GB HDD, I do this every day. I'm not sure what your point is?

Even if other applications were just as bad as Adobe, that doesn't make it okay. Using 5 times as many resources as you need isn't "progress"; it's exactly the opposite of progress.

Comment Re:No. It's a SOFTWARE Problem (Score 2, Insightful) 913

How do you distinguish between the gas pedal being down due to being stuck versus the gas pedal being down due to someone stepping on it? In either case the sensor is going to report that the gas pedal is down. All the software intelligence in the world is going to have a hard time distinguishing between the identical inputs of PEDAL_DOWN and PEDAL_DOWN.

You could have more intelligent sensors, perhaps, but then that's no longer a software problem.

Comment Re:A comment (Score 1) 220

Not to mention it's got 16 times as much memory as a Cray-1 bleeding supercomputer. I don't know which is sadder, the fact that it's surprising that something so much more powerful than a supercomputer needs a video demonstration to prove it can successfully view a webpage, or the fact that some people can't think of anything to do with a supercomputer beyond giving it to a 2 year-old.

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