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Submission + - FTC will investigate Apple (

An anonymous reader writes: The Federal Trade Commission will open an investigation into whether Apple is illegally using its position in the mobile software market to harm competitors, according to several published reports.

On Friday afternoon, both Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal reported that the FTC had opened a formal probe.

At issue is Apple's recent tweaking of its App Store rules. In May, Apple made changes that prohibit certain developer tools from being used to create applications for the iPhone and iPad, and on Monday effectively blocked Google's AdMob and other non-independent mobile ad networks from accessing applications on the iPhone.


Caffeine Addicts Get No Additional Perk, Only a Return To Baseline 506

Dthief writes "Bristol University researchers found that coffee drinkers develop a tolerance to both the anxiety-producing and the stimulating effects of caffeine, meaning that it only brings them back to baseline levels of alertness, not above them. 'Although frequent consumers feel alerted by caffeine, especially by their morning tea, coffee, or other caffeine-containing drink, evidence suggests that this is actually merely the reversal of the fatiguing effects of acute caffeine withdrawal,' wrote the scientists, led by Peter Rogers of Bristol's department of experimental psychology."

Millions of .de Domains Unreachable For Hours 83

An anonymous reader writes "Due to an error on behalf of DENIC, the German DNS registrar for second-level .de domains, millions of .de domains fell over the edge (auf Deutsch) of the Internet today. The cause of this GAU (GröYter anzunehmender Unfall = maximum credible accident) is still unknown, as DENIC officials haven't answered any questions from journalists at the time of writing."

Comment Re:Depends (Score 1) 277

If the next Xbox had no support for DVD discs, and games were on a proprietary write-once disc that you couldn't read, nor write to from a standard PC, it would seriously curtail piracy for that console.

Ever tried a Wii Disc in your drive? There's only about 3 models of DvD drive that will actually read them (They're all LGs I think), despite this piracy on the Wii is rampant as hacking it is trivially easy, most people rip the discs in the Wii itself. Making the discs unreadable on anything but the console doesn't really have any effect on piracy.

Comment Re:wagging the dog (Score 1) 840

Do you tend to lick windows on the bus on your way to work / school? It's about the only way I can think someone would post such a retarded comment.

The church HAVE got away with it for decades if not centuries, only now is it getting to the stage where they can't keep a lid on all the shit they cover up.

Too many posts like yours on this story are trying to justify the cover up by pointing out other agencies who have done similar, the difference is that paedophilia is rampant in the catholic church and not the other places that you or others have mentioned. The catholic church has systematically protected child abusers , organisations such as governments, schools etc have not so your assertion about the press giving excess coverage is moot if not complete bollocks.

Please have a shit filter in place the next time you decide to post.

FBI, DoJ Add 35 Positions For Intellectual Property Battle 140

coondoggie writes "The FBI and Department of Justice said they were going to go hard after intellectual property crimes this year and so far they seem to be keeping their word, as today the agencies appointed 15 new Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) positions and 20 FBI Special Agents dedicated to fighting domestic and international IP crimes. The 15 new AUSAs will work closely with the Criminal Division's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section to aggressively pursue high tech crime, including computer crime and intellectual property offenses. The new positions will be located in California, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. The 20 FBI Special Agents will be deployed to specifically boost four geographic areas with intellectual property squads, and increase investigative capacity in other locations around the country where intellectual property crimes are of particular concern. The four squads will be located in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the District of Columbia."

Comment Re:Please let me use the same password (Score 1) 497

My personal favourite: "No repeating characters allowed." Super idea!

No. 1 reason a good few of the people in my work forget their passwords all the time, the ones that do 'remember' write it down and either:

a) Stick it under the monitor for all to see
b) Put it in the top drawer of their desk which is always unlocked.

Fucking superb security policy if you ask me.


Chicago Mayor Calls For "Brainiac High" 419

theodp writes "In a private lunch with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, BusinessWeek's Michael Arndt was taken aback by the mayor's candid monologues against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the failure of public schools — Chicago's included — to adequately train kids today in technology, math, and science. Among the education fixes Daley said he's contemplating are a fifth year of high school and elite math and science academies for Chicago's brainiest students. Endless wars that divert hundreds of billions a year from schools and job training are also undermining America's competitiveness, Daley added, wondering where the public outrage is."

Comment Re:Completely useless (Score 1) 224

you might want to read up on smart meters and studies associated with them. they can help reduce your energy usage (together with near real time feedback provided by the meter) and change the usage distribution. i don't think i have to tell you why it's a good thing, for you and our whole energy/climate situation, to decrease your overall usage. flattening down the distribution away from the peaks we see today will help stabilizing and securing the grid (and reduce costs for the utility). obviously that doesn't excuse security problems in the system and they have to be addressed immediately.

energy theft has been a rather big problem in some countries and was an easy thing to accomplish. go ask italy why enel introduced smart meters back in 2001, even though they still don't profit of any userfeedback or newer billing plans. the main goal of introducing smart meters from the point of utilities is exactly to reduce energy theft, you think they're introducing flaws on purpose because they want to loose money?

Comment Re:Google's been walking a thin line recently (Score 1) 232

Have you actually compared Google to your random US company? I think regardless who you compare them with they come out pretty decent.

Some people tend to put them to extremely higher standards than anyone else. Its not enough they are nice, they have to be some kind of techie Ghandies fused with Jesus and a couple of hundred saints.

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