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Comment The food is terrible and the portions are small (Score -1, Troll) 123

Bad design for all of your devices!

Slashdot is by far the most difficult website to read and comment on. Read a story you'd like to contribute your voice to? I hope you're logged in, because if you're logged out you may not be able to find the story again once you log in. Have typing skills? "Slow down, cowboy!"

Slashdot has the worst NIH syndrome when it comes to best practices, no wonder they wanted to be sold off. There is nothing here that isn't done better everywhere else, and even the community has suffered thereby. I only keep them in my RSS out of laziness.

Comment Which Seven Congresspeople? (Score 1) 486

The proponents of this stupid petition are too cowardly to list their names anywhere (and none of the linked stories do either), while the petition itself is a lame, "click to support" type thing, where you can't even see what the petition says without "registering your support." Odious, undemocratic, and obviously a prong in the AIPAC/IDF "social media" campaigns going on now.

I'd be interested to know whether the seven Congresspeople are having the screws put to them in response to only narrowly being (re-) elected this past campaign cycle. Of course we don't know who they are, as above.

Comment Re:HurrDurr 101? (Score 1) 65

I'm not sure I understand this.

So, it appears that Friendster still exists, and that it's quite popular in Southeast Asia. I have a domain that is apparently a natural one to use by teenage girls in Indonesia when creating their Friendster accounts. I have received many, many notification emails associated with these accounts, after which I request a password reset, receive the email, then log in and lock the account down, typically with a "HURR DURR I DON'T KNOW WHAT EMAIL IS" type status message. Is this a security issue of Friendster's, or a natural consequence of using another person's email address?

Of course, I've thought many times that Friendster is lame-o for not verifying email addresses, but I figure it's an indication that their business is so unsuccessful that they need all the users they can get, even if they have to use a "Reddit Alias" style account creation strategy.

Comment Re:This is going to get ugly (Score 1) 228

What's your explanation for private companies running airline travel as a matter of national security? If the airlines can't keep bombs off their planes, then they go out of business and/or prosecuted for the actions of the terrorists they let through. How about life in prison for the entire board of directors of American Airlines?

Comment Re:That's "Former Marine" please (Score 1) 333

The military establishment seeks to control the behavior of civilians by telling them what words they can use to describe different kinds of soldiers. "Ex-Marine" has a specific negative connotation to insiders, kind of like the word "hipster" does to Skrillex fans. The military subculture tells them, "once a Marine, always a Marine," so you have to have done something terrible to have your Marine-ness taken away.

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