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Comment Re:Motivation (Score 1) 379

Hehe! The rats were shown the maze beforehand and were getting sweetened condensed milk, something like 10% fat, but 50% sugar/carbs so to be honest I don't know how it would affect their appetite. I just read TFA, not the full study - they could have mentioned this but it seems a fairly major factor left to be left unexplored.

Comment Homosexuality (Score 1) 296

I'm still confused over how he's going to excise the homosexuality from the script. The book is terrific, but a great deal of the plot covers alterations in social mores, sexuality in particular. I suppose that angle could be covered in other ways, but it's certainly going to be nothing like the book. On the other hand, I can't imagine whichever studio is behind this allowing him to leave it all in, intact. Wouldn't appeal to their target market.

Comment Re:The issue explained (Score 2) 322

There's not a great difference between that and the way that papers will alter their headlines based on stories that are popular with other papers. And the papers are probably using google's various tools to do similar things. At the end of the day, it's public information. News broadcasters do the same thing when deciding which stories to run with.

The History of the Ghostbusters Game 54

Ars Technica takes a look at the development of the Ghostbusters game due out later this year. They go through the promising early demonstrations, the subsequent relegation to developmental limbo, and the project's eventual resurrection. Quoting: "Everyone involved with the game was extremely enthusiastic about its progress, as evidenced both by Sierra's heavy promotion of the title, as well as by how genuinely excited a number of the company's PR team were about it. Now, it isn't all that uncommon to talk with PR folk and be fed a line about how great whatever product they're promoting is, but even after several hours of drinking copious amounts of alcohol, the enthusiasm never waned; this definitely wasn't the case when we discussed some of the other titles that had been on display during the day's event. Even the members of the press corps, as we huddled together and compared notes, generally agreed that Ghostbusters had been the most impressive thing we'd gotten to see at the event. All in all, it looked like Sierra was going to deliver a game that finally gave the Ghostbusters franchise the respect it deserved, and none of us could wait to get our hands on it."

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