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Comment Re:Which has multiple benefits (Score 1) 775

A big part of the problem is that in the USA we have defined "CAR" to be a relatively large, powerful vehicle, which must travel at 60+MPH while potentially trading paint with trucks which are up to sixty-thousand pounds and traveling at the same speed. Add to this a lemming-like, almost suicidal traffic pattern, and you see how it becomes impossible to go out there and travel around your daily ten mile or less errands in a reasonable, lightweight vehicle, which however it was powered would lower the emissions (Both local, and global) immensely. Part of the problem with fixing THAT of course is that we've built an entire country, and interstate highway system around the old model. Now, we're not paying enough to sustain the roads, bridges and infrastructure we have now. So something will have to change in the future.

Comment Re: XKCD (Score 1) 164

Most things in nature are chaotic, the tiniest variations and deviations from the purely uniform in the starting conditions can lead to great irregularities in the final state of the system. I hadn't given much though to the matter of the heliopause, but I think a little thought would have lead you to expect it to look like a snowflake, or a raisin, or maybe a supernova, galaxy or nebula, rather than a light bulb, other than the rainbow which was put there by the almighty as a promise to not end the world again by flood most natural phenomena are pretty irregular, aren't they?

Comment Re:Faraday cage (Score 1) 924

I would have you believe it's my heroic abilities and self idealized individual ruggedness that allowed me to survive the first thirty-four years of my life, and then the last two (Voluntarily) with no cell phone, but hey, really it's no big deal. The actually spun before twitter and facebook as well, although I'm not sure it wasn't all cannibals and dinosaurs, asteroid impacts and human sacrifice before /. but my memory of that dim before time is pretty vague.

Comment Re:Sorry. (Score 1) 278

Humans, even primitive ones would easily out compete dinos. Think, fire, spear throwers, single, long term fatal, but in the short term insignificant wounds. We're just too much smart than they are. I think. On the other hand, watch that episode about Crows, and or spend some time observing the Corvids and ponder that some of the smaller, faster smarter dinosaurs had similar brain to body size ratios. A Raven, Crow, Blue Jay or Grackle, that was six foot tall and had manipulative forepaws? Hmm Lucky for us they never had a space program or we simply wouldn't be.

Comment Re:Nooooooo! Just shut up and buy a dinosaur saddl (Score 1) 278

You! Are the man! Or woman, or whatever. Do not let your beliefs. (Even if we are talking about empirically justified, rational beliefs.) Fuck up your relationship. Now, it may very well be that there are underlying issues in your currently significant others grasp of reality that might one day infringe upon your shared happiness. Really. But dear God, don't screw it up because you can't believe in fairies, or she thinks atomic powered spacecraft are a terrible idea, or because you believe in strong AI and she doesn't. Or because you're sure the singularity is nigh, and she hasn't a clue what you're on about. Don't lie to her, don't pretend, don't play games, but if in the short run you have to believe in cavemen astride velociraptors, fuck wait, I think I have decided to believe in that now, just how cool is that anyway?

Comment Re:Fucked up tax code (Score 1) 526

70K Gross and you're paying that much? Or do you mean 70K Gross each? I do feel your pain. My girlfriend got back about 9K a few years ago while I paid a few hundred dollars. She has three kids, we had essentially the same job. I support help for working families, and the child tax credit isn't all bad in my mind, but it does seem excessive sometimes.

Comment Easy fix. (Score 1) 1127

Don't hire any women. Or men. Or only hire eunuchs to be UNIX admins.

Seriously, your question does almost sound like a troll. Either you are suggesting that your team is a bunch of animals, or that this women is apparently a walking complaint waiting to happen. It does turn out to be a fact of life that in general men, and women, talk about things, and in ways that are just not appropriate in mixed company sometimes. Remind your team of this.


Submission + - India Can Be Ubuntu's Impenetrable Fort (muktware.com)

sfcrazy writes: Looking at the market dynamics of India (no service like Netflix or a huge high-end gaming market), Ubuntu makes perfect sense for this emerging economy. Unlike the US, where the delivery of content (such as Netflix) is one of the major hurdles in the adoption of Ubuntu, India doesn’t pose the same challenge because this sub-continent lacks such services.

Submission + - Why There Are Too Many Patents in America (theatlantic.com)

whitroth writes: "The judge who just dismissed the lawsuit between Apple and Motorola writes a column explaining what he considers to be a resonable use of patents, and unreasonable ones. One of his thoughts would be to require a patent holder to produce the patented item within a certain time, to cut out patent trolls."

Submission + - The Linux security stick you give to your clueless friends (betanews.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: With slick marketing, a great sense of humor, and a practical, useful product idea, Texas startup Jumpshot launched its initial public funding round on Kickstarter this week. The long and short of Jumpshot is that it's a USB stick that removes bloatware, adware, spyware, and malware in a package that toddlers and grannies alike would be able to use. When Jumpshot is cleaning the system in the background, the user can stay connected and browse the Web in a Linux-based sandbox.

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