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Comment Re:What To Do With an Old G5 Tower? (Score 1) 417

As I learned it, it was,
"Shave his belly with a rusty razor . . . "

Regarding the G5 though, just load Leopard on it. My old G4 running Leopard works quite well as a sit down computer. Admittedly though, recycling it and getting a new one is probably the best solution when you consider performance and energy use. I'll probably do that in the next year or so myself.

Comment Re:Yeah, right (Score 1) 229

"If you believe there's an iPhone 6 in that testing chamber under a black cloak, then Gizmodo has a phone they want to sell you."
And if you believe there isn't, I've a bridge I'd to sell you (and we all know from court documents etc. who is more likely to possess such items!)

Comment Re:Zapp Brannigan's Reporting Strategy (Score 2, Insightful) 588

It is after all a "support site," not a "chat site."
It looks like there are lots of thoughtful discussions about the antenna issue, just no whining, which Apple has always deleted. Whining does not advance the support/trouble shooting goal of thew site.
Also CU does not let you see their full results unless you pay them (since they do not take advertising to remove any direct conflict of interest.)
Does this control of access to their site mean CU is "censoring" their site? I don't think so. Neither is Apple.

Comment Re:Updates *are* done over USB (Score 1) 196

"The iPod Touch I could understand since it doesn’t necessarily have an internet connection, but the iPhone has its own dedicated connection..."
Actually both the iPad and iPodtouch have Wifi (and Bluetooth) I assume that is what you mean by"internet connection." The 3G version of the iPad will not be shipping for another week or so.
As far as why?
In normal use, when docked, theses devices have access to iTunes for syncing content, metadata, etc., and they can recharge their batteries. That goes for an update too, but in addition its easier if the OS does not have to run and there is the extra security of a direct power supply—no running out of power in the middle of the update.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

"BTW, Adobe has Open Sourced their Flex framework and who knows, might even do the same with Flash player at some point."

Yeah, and who knows gold coins might fly out your ass too!
Who cares if Flash goes Open Source? No thanks, Flash is "a bag of hurt."

Comment Re:Did you even watch the footage? (Score 1) 973

That's a useful link. Reading the report I see nothing that contradicts the video and am impressed that the military did such thorough investigation. The incident is obviously tragic, although it is not clear exactly what the guys with the RPG were doing. Not being familiar with the "rules of war," I have no idea if it can be considered fully "justified." Shooting everyone so indiscriminately seems excessive and shooting the the van particularly seems very wrong to me. For journalists to stalk around in a combat area in close proximity to heavily armed people who are not in uniform seems like a very dangerous activity.

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