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Comment Re:Where in the world? (Score -1, Troll) 281

If on Slashdot someone fails to mention what country they're in, you can be almost certain that they're in the US.

Seriously. If someone in Barcelona asks how much an apple costs, you don't ask them in what country.

Similarly, if someone on a US-centric website based out of the US asks a question related to a locality without specifying that locality, anyone with an IQ greater than that of a lawyer should be able to understand that they're referencing the United States.

Apologies about the above statement to NewYorkCountryLawyer and the other human, as opposed to shark and/or mosquito, members of the profession.

Comment Re:Blasphemous! (Score 1) 155

Deityphages is even more bizzare...

Not only Catholics BTW - also Orthodox (or Eastern churches generally), Anglicanism, also Lutheranism; yes, the mechanisms of what supposedly happens vary, but the essence remains the same.

Theophages or Deivores. But not Deiphages or Theovores. Never, ever mix your Greek and your Latin. Just remember "television":

Television? The word is half Greek and half Latin. No good will come of this device. — C. P. Scot

Comment Re:Blasphemous! (Score 2, Funny) 155

They claim they are eating and drinking of him, that isn't the same thing as actually doing it.

To them it is. That's the point. They are necrophages — I don't know if cannibalism technically applies since, in their minds, while he was fully human he was also fully God. So all Catholics are at the very least necrophages, and at the most anthropophages.

So don't turn your back on the damn cannibals, for you are delicious in wafer form when served with wine.

Comment Re:Shut Up, Former Astronaut! (Score 1) 508

If they hadn't used Freon, maybe they could have found some inert chemical compound to use. And as to lead: Are you fucking kidding me? Lead is a neurotoxin. Workers in the factories where tetra-ethyl lead was produced frequently went blind, insane, and died from lead poisoning. Maybe, and this is an entirely unsupported with research 'maybe', but maybe the reason we have such a rise in mental illness is because of all that damn lead.

Comment Re:Shut Up, Former Astronaut! (Score 4, Interesting) 508

I think Teflon was a result of a Manhattan Project commission

Actually teflon was an accident in a lab where they were working on alternative refrigerants several years before the Manhattan Project existed. (old refrigerators used anhydrous ammonia or sulfur dioxide, so saying "it kind sucked if they started to leak" is a major understatement.)

And the chemical eventually chosen to replace those used in refrigeration, and also in many other things, was Freon, a chlorofluorocarbon. It was invented by Thomas Midgley, Jr.

He also was the bright person who realized that adding tetra-ethyl lead to gasoline made an engine stop knocking. He was responsible for the 'discovery' of, or the discovery of a use of, two of the most dangerous chemicals of the 20th century. Freon did great damage to the Ozone Layer. Humans living today have some 600 or so times more lead in their systems than those who lived before the use of tetra-ethyl lead as an additive in gasoline.

Truly, the world would be a better place if he had picked another career, like dentistry, if he had to be born at all.

The more you know!

Operating Systems

Researcher Releases Hardened OS "Qubes"; Xen Hits 4.0 129

Trailrunner7 writes "Joanna Rutkowska, a security researcher known for her work on virtualization security and low-level rootkits, has released a new open-source operating system meant to provide isolation of the OS's components for better security. The OS, called Qubes, is based on Xen, X and Linux, and is in a basic, alpha stage right now. Qubes relies on virtualization to separate applications running on the OS and also places many of the system-level components in sandboxes to prevent them from affecting each other. 'Qubes lets the user define many security domains implemented as lightweight virtual machines (VMs), or 'AppVMs.' E.g. users can have 'personal,' 'work,' 'shopping,' 'bank,' and 'random' AppVMs and can use the applications from within those VMs just like if they were executing on the local machine, but at the same time they are well isolated from each other. Qubes supports secure copy-and-paste and file sharing between the AppVMs, of course.'" Xen's also just reached 4.0; some details below.

Comment Re:Fol the love of God. (Score 1) 249

It's like... making fun of Dutchmen for eating sauerkraut and invading Poland.

Or, I dunno, maybe you guys like sauerkraut. So, uh... put "ethnic food of your choice" there.

Do not make a mockery of ze Sauerkraut! It is ze our food, mein Herr! We will not let it be assimilated by ze caravan peoples! Jawohl!

Verspotten Sie Deutsch nicht! Es ist eine gute Sprache, Herr! Guten Tag!

Verdammter Ignorant...

Comment Re:It's pretty amazing (Score 4, Insightful) 148

There is only one extant species of Homo, and that's Homo sapiens. People like you are what give Anthropology a bad name. The pressures on the minds of those who lived in Europe have been the same as those on people who lived in Africa have been the same as those who lived in Asia -- outwitting other human beings, and struggling against a hostile universe.

There are plenty of trivial physical differences between the different 'races', and that's just what they are -- trivial. Superficial. Unimportant. My mind is the same as the mind of a child growing up in China is the same as the mind of a woman in Europe.

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