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Submission + - Hurd Being Considered for No. 2 Spot at Oracle (

Hugh Pickens writes: "The LA Times reports that Mark Hurd, recently ousted as chief executive of computer maker Hewlett-Packard after allegations of sexual harassment, is likely to serve under his longtime friend and sometime tennis partner Larry Ellison, the outspoken CEO of Oracle who blasted HP for the move. Hurd had been credited with nearly doubling HP's market value to $100 billion and surpassing IBM Corp. in annual revenue during his five-year term but his record became tarnished after a contractor working for HP filed claims of sexual harassment against him, and the company said he had falsified his expense reports. Since his resignation from HP, Hurd reportedly has received a numberY of job offers from public companies and private equity firms. Hurd would bring to the table knowledge of running a company that makes industrial-grade computers on which Oracle's business software runs, knowledge that may be particularly useful to Oracle, a company that this year finalized its $7.4-billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems."

Comment Re:Ugh. (Score 1) 187

I take it, that you don't get the big O notation correct. As the constants are different, it makes no sense to calculate when nlog(n) < n.

Ask yourself, when is C*n*log(n) < K*n, for unknown C and K(these constants depend on the implementation) and you will see that the only way to determine this is measuring the result of your implementation.

Comment Re:OT: How to build an trustable voting machine (Score 1) 188

Auditing an election of, say, 3M voters where one candidate allegedly beat the other 50.5% to 46.5% to 3% for minor candidates need only determine that there's less than a 5% chance that the true election result had the winning candidate with 50%+1 votes to avoid a runoff. With a paper ballot satisfying #1 and #2 and generally accepted statistical analysis, this won't require a recount of nearly the entire pool of votes, only a random sample from each ballot box sufficiently large to rule out the need for a runoff.

If on the other hand the alleged winning amount was exactly 1,500,001 out of 3M votes, or if it was 1,499,499 and the winner wanted a recount to avoid a runoff, a full manual recount would likely be necessary.

This only applies if you have a voting system where it is sufficient to have the most votes. (Like in the US) In Germany for example, the percentage of every party is important, as it determines the number of seats in the parliament.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 213

When you are on an enterprise level network, all traffic goes through high configurable switches that are locked. No user can see other peoples traffic. To do a man in the middle attack, you would have to get access to the switches or routers. This is usually much harder to achieve.

Comment Re:you'd rather your bank was burgled? (Score 1) 134

so EVERY bad guy, including would-be bad guys, already know this? do you know it? how about you post it as an anonymous response to this comment.... i mean, it's everywhere, right?

Actually, probably everybody on this conference knows about this already.
Also it's not like he gives a step by step presentation on how to get cash out of an ATM.

Comment Re:If YouTube Must pay then every tiny site must p (Score 1) 449

Did you even read the article? Three telcos where saying that Google should start paying. You know that there are a lot more out there, who would be happy to service their customers.
The actual bad thing is that they want to use other businesses to join them, but that have a complete different problem with Google.

To increase the pressure on Google, the telecoms groups are interested in finding common cause with content owners such as media companies, which get little or no money from the technology company when it aggregates their content on Google News.

Comment Don't know where you're going (Score 1) 153

As I guess that you prefer getting UMTS, I would advise you to check which provider has got a good signal at the place where you're going. My experience is that if you are not in a city, the provider can make a big difference. There are even many areas where you have no umts signal at all. In general you can get unlimited data plans for all networks for about 20€ per month on a prepaid basis by on of the many resellers (as already mentioned , my favorite or all the others).
Here are some maps:;jsessionid=3CF18E6EC4F00AD06FAED35715244F7C.umtsmapi1?windowsSystem=false&nav=true&nav4=false&nav5up=true&IE=false&IE4=false&IE5up=false&initialized=true&appprofile=UMTS-Maps

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