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Comment Less likely vs utterly impossible (Score 1) 570

What the author misses entirely is while he feels it is less likely to happen less likely is still more likely than utterly impossible. There are other technologies available, such as Qt, where microsoft has no potential for a valid claim over the language. Why, as a developer, would I choose to put my code in a position where this concerns exist instead of taking a path that avoids it entirely?

Submission + - Adobe engages VFX pros in PR disaster (

skyphyr writes: "A storm is brewing on the Adobe forums where members of the VFX industry is requesting that Adobe restore the CS2 handling of OpenEXR files. The OpenEXR format was designed by ILM and has received wide ranging support within the VFX industry. Adobe has taken a disputed interpretation of the EXR specifications which causes data to be destroyed with the files are opened within photoshop.

Adobe's response to user concerns so far has been to tell the professionals for whom the format was designed that they are wrong. As if it wasn't enough to take advantage of their monopoly to turn a blind eye to the industry's concerns, they decided to engage using derisive language their opening response saying "you're still asking for your imagined solution to a problem as you understand it (back the the screwdriver for nails thing). If you want a useful solution, we're going to have to talk about the larger problem, larger workflows, and consider alternative solutions (you know, reach for a hammer)." Soon followed by "Please read some file format documentation." and sinking back to ridiculing metaphors "And even more so when you are clearly ignoring standards or misusing the tools ("But I want my screwdriver to drive nails better").""

Linux Business

Submission + - HeliOS project surges ahead spreading linux (

skyphyr writes: "The HeliOS project is surging ahead with having just made another two announcements. They've landed sponsorship from a well-known linux company. Those of you who don't follow the HeliOS project may not be aware that Ken tirelessly works to be the change he wants to see and the linux community is better for it. If you've got any spare hardware or a few bucks they are, as always, after hardware to help the community."

Comment Re:Insufficient information (Score 1) 241

I can understand how the role lead him to discover it, but he can't have known before getting that role that they were going to put functionality in that infringed on his patent. There's also been no evidence on either side (his part of theirs) to prove whether he did/didn't tell them in advance. It's completely plausible that after interviewing him and seeing his patent they became interested in adding that. I personally think software shouldn't be patentable at all so didn't even bother checking whether the patent is BS as the check is redundant ;) My interest was more that everybody is judging both him and microsoft when their is insufficient evidence in the article to do so. It's entirely he said she said without the gender variety.

Comment Insufficient information (Score 3, Insightful) 241

There's no evidence to demonstrate he did these things. So in order for us to assume he's guilty we have to also assume he's precognitive. It also describes it such that Microsoft "found" the evidence. That's got to be inadmissible, right? No chain of custody there it could just as easily be planted by them. Hope the trial has some evidence behind it as there's insufficient to point fingers either way, but more than enough doubt to clear him.

Comment Re:useless in 10 years (Score 1) 409

When we looked into it we found out that the cord itself degrades over time even in their storage and won't be usable in 18 years time. Verify that with the companies you're talking to as it was just over 5 years ago we looked at it. It's a lot of money for something that is only maybe useful and expires relatively soon. Though of course if you find out later that they've developed a treatment for something your child happens to get and you didn't do it the price will have seemed like a bargain. Also remember that our wisdom teeth are a source of stem cells - so he/she will be growing some spares (though in small quantities I guess) soon.

Submission + - Court rules against TorrentSpy in hacking case (

mikesd81 writes: "C|Net reports that a lawsuit filed by TorrentSpy against the MPAA that accuses it of intercepting the company's private e-mails, was tossed out of court last week. Even though a U.S District judge ruled that the MPAA broke no rules, the MPAA does admit it paid $15,000 to obtain private e-mails belonging to TorrentSpy executives. The MPAA's acknowledgement is significant because it comes at a time when the group is trying to limit illegal file sharing by imploring movie fans to act ethically and resist the temptation to download pirated movies.

From the article: "Ethically, it's pretty clear that reading other people's e-mail is wrong," said Lorrie Cranor, an associate research professor and Internet privacy expert at Carnegie Mellon University. "Being offered someone else's e-mails by a third party should have been a red flag."

TorrentSpy is appealing the decision."


Submission + - Oral Sex Implicated in Some Throat and Neck Cancer (

JayFNG writes: A headline that may frighten your wife, girlfriend, or friend with benefits into never performing the act of oral gratification again. Dr. Erich Sturgis: "For now, he said, women who've had an abnormal Pap smear and their partners probably shouldn't engage in oral sex" Men everywhere can be heard saying: "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Submission + - Microsoft admits buying Swedish OOXML votes (

ath writes: In an interview with the swedish magazine NyTeknik , a Microsoft representative admits to "recommending" business partners to vote on OOXML.
Translated quotes from the article:
-We have been informing our business partners about the process at SIS. What is going on, what the time plan is and that Microsoft thinks it is good if OOXML becomes a standard
-In a letter from Microsoft, our business partners were informed that they were 'expected' to participate in the SIS meeting and vote yes. As a compensation they would get 'market benefits' and extra support in terms of microsoft resources.
-This was a mistake and the letter was sent by a single employee on his own initiative without sanctions from Microsoft. He also quickly realised his mistake and tried to recall the letter
-I can understand the critique about coup like voting. But I claim the voters knew the issue well and had their own interest in OOXML becoming an ISO standard
(Interviewer) -Has this harmed Microsoft?
-Time will tell. But almost all customers we have been talking to thinks it would be good if OOXML became an ISO standard.


Submission + - New theory on 5,000-year-old Iceman's death (

CmpEng writes: ROME, Italy — Researchers studying Iceman, the 5,000-year-old mummy found frozen in the Italian Alps, have come up with a new theory for how he died, saying he died from head trauma, not by bleeding to death from an arrow. Just two months ago, researchers in Switzerland published an article in the Journal of Archeological Science saying the mummy — also known as Oetzi — had died after the arrow tore a hole in an artery beneath his left collarbone, leading to massive loss of blood, shock and heart attack.

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