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Comment 0 to Quantum Mechanics (Score 1) 467

I went from 0 to Quantum Mechanics, here's how: 1. Get a reference book which is easy to flip through and has all the main things like fractions, decimals, scientific notation, logarithms, etc. This will save you a ton of time. I suppose wikipedia will do these days. 2. Go straight into algebra 101. 3. Go take trig 101 4. Take Calc 101, 201, 301 5. Take Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 6. Take 2 years of Math Methods in the Physical Science 7. Take Quantum Mechanics I know it sounds simple but it takes a lot of time. The idiot guides are helpful for reviewing thoroughly.

Comment Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (Score 2, Informative) 703

the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV, the local ABC affiliate, sought to have the records released. Both Ryan and his wife agreed to make their divorce records public. On April 2, 2004, Barack Obama formally established his position about the Ryans' soon-to-be-released divorce records, and called on Democrats not to inject them into the campaign.

Comment Re:Afro-American Racism Against Whites and Asians (Score 1) 703

blacks are like 12% of the population and more than half have been disenfrachised from voting because they're in jail or felons... not a significant percentage of the vote. Whites+Hispanics put Obama in office, but mostly whites. I voted for him because he's the only candidate who isn't a total sell-out, don't give a shit about his race.

Comment Re:In my experience, authority (Score 1) 446

If you're proposing that people have "innate" teaching skills... you're sadly mistaken. With your methodology, you'll have a bunch of type A personality power freaks. Sure all your kids will be quiet but their results will vary widely. How would you deal with a teacher who has perfect classroom control but doesn't improve the students' test scores? You're just using the appearance of discipline and not the actual outcomes. In Asia, I see teachers who have perfect class control and their students are terrible. The schools use your methodology...

There is actual research on what makes an effective teacher and it can be taught. The core of the problem in the US is not the teachers themselves but rather the bureacracy of people who get paid but don't actually teach. You also have parenting problems that are pushed off onto teachers. I think a better approach would be to stop sending kids to school that don't want to be there. This would immediately resolve the discipline problem for most teachers as well as lower their class sizes. There is a direct correlation between teacher effectiveness and class size. There is also a direct correlation between student performance and problems at home. This is the traditional role that education has had before mandatory schooling. I've worked in schools where very few kids wanted to be there but their parents were rich so there they were. It was sort of like a prison for both the teachers and students. I've also taught in institutes with small(10-15) class sizes where everyone wanted to be there. It was a real joy and the students did very well. Instead of spending so much money on security guards, metal detectors, social workers/counselors, principals, vice principals, narcotics officers, truancy officers, etc just SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Perhaps all those kids can become tradesmen or laborers and let the kids who want education get it. If they can't hack a regular academic program, send them to school that can meet their needs. Otherwise, GET THE F OUT OF THE CLASSROOM!!!

Comment Try this (Score 1) 396

Discrete maths(1 book and wikipedia(1 list I also have a physics degree and taught myself programming. It's important to realize you'll never be a member of "the in crowd" until you have a piece of paper from an overpriced university. It's the only way unintelligent people can distinguish between programmers and it gives them an easy out if you suck.

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