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Comment Re:But it's not the google experience (Score 1) 307

And as I was waiting to buy an e-ink reader until someone came out with one with a built-in light, I got one as soon as I found them in-stock at the local B&N. I have more than 400 books on it, mostly from Baen's web store. I can read all day without being tethered to the wall as I had been; reading for more than 5 hours on my notebook means needing a charge. I can wander into the kitchen for a drink or a snack and continue reading without having to turn on the lights.

Comment Re:Let's look at the dates (Score 5, Insightful) 404

Yes, I'm sure Samsung developed the F700 in four months.

The point is that Samsung was developing the F700 before the iPhone was revealed, but were not allowed to mention that in court after Apple brought up the F700 as an example of copying.

If you're on trial for something and the judge tells the prosecution that they're not allowed to bring up your previous conviction, that all goes out the window if you mention it while on the stand, and they can then question you on it. This is supposed to be the same thing.

Comment Re:Fun and polished game (Score 2) 128

Instances are limited to some dungeons, personal story, and overflow. "Overflow" means that when there are too many people in the area, instead of making everyone else that wants to go there on that server sit in a queue watching a timer, a new copy of the zone is spawned, they're put in the overflow, and can move to the "real" zone as space is available, or just stay in the overflow.

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