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Comment Re:Am I dense? (Score 1) 191

I'm going to go with at least slightly dense.

Since when has "yes, you can search my phone for evidence of criminal activity to use against others" given the police full access to use any data on the phone, even completely unrelated to a crime, for any purpose? Are they now allowed to go through the phone of someone caught for possession and text his wife about his possible mistress? Awfully big can of worms you've got the opener on.

Comment Re: Porn ... (Score 2) 75

You're doing it wrong. Unreal expectations for sex? More like idea generator according to my wife.

Also, based on some of the relationships I've seen, porn is the reason they still have a family. If not for porn as an outlet, they would have long ago ditched the wife (who let herself go) and kids for the fun and bubbly 20-something at work.

Comment Re:You sound awfully concerned about (Score 1) 342

Just the US and Russia have almost 16k warheads between them. Your sense of "real lasting harm" is skewed severely if you believe the fallout from all of those being launched won't significantly alter the biological capability of the Earth. Sure, most of them will be targeted at specific sites instead of spreading out equally, but it will still cause horrific damage and may trigger enough atmospheric dust to kill most life on Earth.

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