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Comment Re:Republican Corruption, what a surprise? (Score 1) 200

Well, okay then. Sounds like the only real difference we might have is that I tend to identify as "anarchist" while you've chosen to go with "libertarian," which is really nothing more than rebranded anarcho-capitalism (at least here in America. In other countries, there is no real difference and libertarianism covers the full spectrum of anarchist thought.) I like the term anarchism because it gets to the heart of the matter: an archos, or "against hierarchy." In America, libertarianism as been co-opted by people like the Koch brothers, who firmly believe in hierarchy.

Comment Re:Sad and sick (Score 2) 200

I've looked at history, and the harm done by monopolies is never offset by the benefits. Technological change doesn't happen quickly enough to mitigate the effects of shitty, overbearing monopolies. I've been over this a million times with libertarians and they haven't managed to change my mind, even with arguments that weren't just off the cuff, half assed attempts.

Comment Re:We suck for allowing this (Score 1) 200

Far lefty here. We know the difference between the Republicans and Democrats. I held my nose and voted for Hillary because the alternative was unthinkable. Many democrats, I don't even have to hold my nose to vote for them. It's only the corporate third way triangulating party insiders we hate.

Comment Re:Republican Corruption, what a surprise? (Score 4, Insightful) 200

Let's actually list the things Trump and Republicans agree on:
1. Tighter immigration control
2. Less regulation on corporations
3. Lower taxes for the wealthy
4. Screw the environment (in case 2 didn't make that clear enough)
5. Screw the LGBT community
6. Pander to religious fundamentalists
7. More military spending
8. Screw minorities
9. Keep as many people from voting as possible
10. Repeal Obamacare and make sure poor people can't get healthcare

As far as I can tell, that is the entirety of the Republican party platform. How is he not a Republican? What are the actual differences? I'm curious. Because the Republican party is bending over pretty far to ingratiate themselves with Trump, even when he insults them to their faces, and meanwhile Trump is trying to do everything they ask him to do. They are one and the same.

Comment Re:Sad and sick (Score 2) 200

I'm not sure Pai disbelieves this. Ask any smart-ish libertarian how they propose to regulate natural monopolies, and they will say they don't need to because of the potential competition. Any monopoly that abuses it's power too much will prompt people to technologically innovate their way out of the monopoly situation (see: canals, trains) or simply start some competition, and damn the first mover advantage. It's a BS argument, of course, but I think a lot of them really believe it.

Comment Re:Republican Corruption, what a surprise? (Score 3, Insightful) 200

And meanwhile, other people, with far more money and political power, are actively trying to kill off whatever you are trying to build. Then, if you succeed, you will have to actively police your organization forever, to stop the sociopaths from taking over, because all they see is another lever of power.

Comment Re:Republican Corruption, what a surprise? (Score 5, Insightful) 200

Except that's not something you get, it's something you make. Effective, sane, and powerful organizations that fight for the rights of the little guy don't just happen by accident. People have to work really hard to create something like that, and most people are just too lazy, unless their very lives are on the line.

Comment Re:On what planet... (Score 5, Funny) 200

See you don't understand. It's actually harder to compete against imaginary companies. They've got unicorn cavalry and time travelling wizards. How is a real company supposed to compete against unicorn cavalry and time travelling wizards? They can't. We should give those poor monopolist companies a big tax break.

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